Tips for Moving Out of State


Authored by Douglas Mefford in Moving and Relocating
Published on 11-23-2009

Picking yourself up and moving to a new location can be traumatic in any situation. Moving out of state involves even more details that must be taken care of with the move. The key to having a successful out of state move lies in organizing all the details in advance.

Generally people do not make such major changes in their lives without a good reason. Usually the move entails a change or transfer with their job. Finding out about the place you are moving to helps make it less a journey into the unknown. Online resources can be a blessing here. Many local newspapers have online versions to help you get a feel for the people and prices. The local Chamber of Commerce will usually have a website that provides a comprehensive introduction to what is available.

Finding a new home will most likely entail a visit to the area. As well as being able to see the home choices first hand rather than through real estate brochures and online sites, you will be able to see what the surrounding area is like. Taking the time to visit some of the small local stores and restaurants will give you a feel for the people you will be living among. A little quality time in the new location can help one begin to find places and people that can help you fit in.

Work up a list of all the utilities and service providers you use so as to be able to notify them and suspend services at the proper time. Check with your bank for options on transferring accounts and clearing out safe deposit boxes. Make sure you keep all valuables like jewelry and important documents in a central area so you can keep up with them safely. You will need to check with the local Clerks Office where you are moving to so as to find out what will be required to get your driver’s license and vehicle registrations properly switched over.

You will also want to take a critical look at your possessions and see what you really need to take with you. It will usually save more in the long run to sell off most of your household furniture. Even with the cost of replacing it with new items at your new location, the shipping costs associated with larger moving vehicles and greater labor costs with your movers, the savings can make it worthwhile. The same process can be used for clothing and the miscellaneous items that collect around a home. Heirloom pieces and unique, irreplaceable items can then be more carefully transported and kept safe.

If you are moving out of state with school aged children, you will need to investigate the schools they will be attending at the new location. You will need to make arraignments for their school records to be sent and processed for an easier transition. It will help to keep your children involved in the relocation process so they do not end up feeling like they are just another piece of furniture with no say so in their own futures.

Remember that a move out of state can be viewed not so much as an ending as the beginning of an entirely new aspect of life. Careful planning will keep that new chapter from becoming a horror story.


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