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Tips for preventing mobile radiation

  • By Christine West
  • Published 11/25/2010
  • Article Writing

How does cell phone influence human health? With the development of wireless technology, more people become the users of mobile phones. At the same time, healthy problem caused by cell phones would catch our attention. When we use mobile phones, the phones would send wireless wave to transmitting station. Such wave would be more or less absorbed by human body. Commonly, the mobile radiation is greater during call. And the greatest radiation would be met when you are dialing without connection for call. Such kind of radiation would probably change the body tissue and bring negative influence for human health. How to prevent the mobile radiation? A research report from European cancer prevention magazine shows that people using cell phones frequently would be with 30% higher risk of brain tumor. Here are some tips for you to prevent mobile radiation. (a) a) Keep a long distance when connecting the call and then lift the mobile to the ear. Because long time of calling would be harmful to body, we¡¯d better prevent using mobile to chat. Do not place the phone besides the pillow or in front of the chest. It would undermine the heart and endocrine system. In my opinion, using earphone for call would effectively decrease the radiation. (b) b) Make use of the shielding device. Usually, the mobile phone has the shielding device which could reduce the harm to human body. The shield made by aluminum and lead would be with better effect. However, lots of girls may prefer tiny mobiles. Such machines would be poor in radiation shielding function. (c) c) Do not put phone in clothes pocket. It is found by research that men who frequently carry the mobile phones are with 30% less sperm caused by the strong radiation from mobile to the legs and sexual organs. It is pointed out by the experts that we may put the mobiles into container. For my part, I will put it into leather bags or handbags before taking bus, driving car or working in the office.


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