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Tips for protecting cell phones

  • By Jackson Wllian
  • Published 12/2/2010
  • Article Writing

A cell phone is not just for us to making phone calls today. It can be used as a MP3 or MP4 player. It can be used as a camera. It can even be used as a computer to be online. The functions of it improve as the technology improves.I am a person who keeps my cell phone well. It has never been stolen. But almost every one of my family and friends has the experience of losing it because of carelessness. And it is estimated that there are hundred thousands of cell phones stolen each year. It seems easy for the hackers and thieves to steal one whether they are in the crown or not. Some valuable phones such as iPhone are focused by them all the time. I have seen such “accidents” when I was taking the bus for several times. There is much important information in such a phone that can is easy to carry with. Thus, it is necessary for us to learn how to keep it from the hackers and thieves.

1. Remember all the Details of the phone and the SIM card such as the color, shape, size, phone number and PIN number. Thi

s is very helpful when it is stolen. The information is important if there is a police who is doing investigation. Besides, the SIM card can be locked to avoid the using up of the remaining sums of the card.2. Use passwords to protect it. This is simple. And it is useful. It takes some time for the thieves to power the phone off if it has passwords. Perhaps it can be found in these few minutes.3. Do not put it in the pockets. Young people like to put it in pockets. In fact, this is harmful to the health. And it is easy for thieves to get it. Put it in the interior pockets in the bag.4. Do not walk into the crowd if possible. Hackers and thieves always steal phones in crowded places. If there are too many people around, touch the bag all the time to see whether it is still in the bag or not.5. Do not leave it alone in some places when leaving. Hackers will get it when people pay no attention to it.In fact, there are many methods for people to keep a cell phone from thieves. If it is always carried by its owner, it is not easy to be stolen.



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