Tips for Single Moms Dating The Top Three Things to Avoid

Authored by Michael Grisso in Dating
Published on 12-04-2008

Listen, by now you have probably turned down a few guys because it has been awhile since you went out on a date. It is quite normal to feel insecure about what to do, how to act, and whether or not you can pull this off. Unfortunately most women try to find advice from other women in this situation. While talking with friends, family or co-workers can help, it is the male perspective that is going to count when things matter most.

Today we decided to put together three huge mistakes single moms do when dating. Granted you nor your friends may think so, but take it from the person that will be sitting across the table from you, these are the top three mistakes. Hopefully reading them will help you on that next date, and if things go well you will be flying high in a new relationship from our tips for single moms dating. We will have to wait and see.

1. Do Not Hide the Children

Using the word baggage just isn’t respectful when it comes to children. They are a great gift in life and since you have at least one you will not want to hide it from your date. They are going to find out eventually so you might as well throw it out there and see what happens. Granted, if your date has children it will be quite easy, but if they are single the worst thing you can do is open this door the first date you have together. Obviously you had talked prior to your date so just bring this up in casual conversation.

2. Do Not Treat This Date Like a Marriage Interrogation

Yes, there is a stereotype on single moms that when they date, the only thought in their head is about marriage prospects. Every scenario is different, but this is one of the major tips for single moms dating. Men can feel the game being played if you are asking about serious relationship details even if you think you are being cautious. Try to avoid them at all costs your first time out until you really know where this is headed. Sometimes it is hard to let things play out when you have already been down that path, but it will be the best for your future.

3. Do Not Drudge Up the Past or Compare

From a male perspective there is nothing worse than being compared to an ex-husband or boyfriend. Saying things like, “My ex would never say nice things like that to me” is a way of telling your date he is being compared the entire time. We understand this is a common thought process which is why it is on our list regarding tips for single moms dating. It just makes us feel like you are living in the past and not ready for the future.

Go Have Some Fun

Seriously, if this is your first, second, or even third date (congrats if you have made it this far), just remember to have fun. Right now it is all about getting away from your everyday life and enjoying a little time with someone you may be interested in either as a friend or lover down the road. The more you get to know someone, the more open the relationship should become and many of these thoughts will come pouring out. However, it is recommended that you do not release them to soon or the date may turn sour.


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