Tips for Teens to Save on Car Insurance

When teens just start entering the real world they are introduced to college, work, dating and bills. These are some stresses that can make life a daunting task for us as adults, never mind those just out of high school. So when it comes to their car insurance wouldn’t it be nice to help them save money? Saving your teen money on their car insurance is not as difficult as it may seem if you follow a few easy steps. These are steps that will save your teen money and you the headaches when they hit you up for the extra cash.

One way your teen can save money on their insurance is by choosing a practical car over an expensive car, so the sports car of their dreams is out for now. Minivans or older cars may not be what every teen is clamoring for, but they will be seen as safer cars in the eyes of the insurance companies and the rates will be lower.

Immediately an insurance company is going to seek out a safe driver, so stress the importance of safe driving for their safety and for lower insurance rates. Enrolling them in a defensive driving program will offer two benefits for reducing the rate. One it will teach them to be a safe driver and two most companies offer discounts for those who take the course. These classes are usually held on a weekend or in the evening and are about five hours in total, so they are easy for one to take advantage of.

Another way to cut down on your teen’s insurance is to add them to your insurance policy. Many companies will reward you for this by offering a reduced rate, as long as the teen remains a safe driver. This is recommended for newer cars, as your premium may go up and if the car is very old it may not be worth the increase there.

Getting good grades in school will not only make receiving their report card easier, but also it just may keep their insurance cost down as well. A lot of companies offer discounts to student who maintain an average of B or greater. When researched companies will offer discounts as high as 25% for beginning drivers. Also if they are just using the car to go from school and work, the low mileage may provide a discount as well.

Safety features on cars can aid in cutting down on the insurance. If you have an airbag or antilock breaks your teen’s rate may be lowered. Having a car that has an anti-theft device on it that may help to lower the insurance rates too. Some notable security measures are, alarms, VIN number etching and a global vehicle-tracking device, such as LoJack.

It is not as hard as we may think to get good affordable rates for our children as long as we work together with them to do so.


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