Tips on Buying Replacement Windows

Buying replacement windows for the home requires a bit of knowledge about general home improvement, energy efficiency, and of course windows. While many factors can be considered when buying replacement windows for the home, the most important thing to consider is why you are replacing the windows. Whether you are looking for windows that are more energy efficient, have a designer architectural style that better suits the design factors of your home, or you are just looking for inexpensive windows to replace the old or broken windows in your home, these are the factors that you will consider when shopping for new windows.

Energy Efficiency of Replacement Windows

Many things have changed when it comes to the construction of windows these days versus the way windows were constructed even just 10 years ago. It is now possible for homeowners to buy replacement windows that increase the overall energy efficiency of a home by sealing the home tighter and keeping the sunlight out. Double pane windows are a great option to consider if you are looking for replacement windows that are going to increase the energy efficiency of your home. Not only do double pane windows provide added protection from the weather elements, they also offer added security as the glass is stronger and thicker than existing single pane windows.

Another great option to consider when buying replacement windows to maximize the energy efficiency of the home is tinted windows. Windows that come prefabricated with solar films offer protection of your home’s furnishings from the harmful UV rays of the sun that cause fabrics and furnishings to fade. Look for windows that include a solar film rating of at least 10% tint factor to reduce the likelihood of fading carpets, fabrics, and furniture in the home. Tinted replacement windows will also keep the home better insulated and cooler during the hot summer months.

Buying Replacement Windows for Design Purposes

Replacement windows may just be on your home improvement list because the existing windows in the home are outdated or simply do not coordinate with the design factors of your home. Buying replacement windows that have added architectural style is purely a matter of homeowner preference but there are still a few factors to consider when you begin shopping around.

First, develop a budget for the replacement of the windows. Next, measure all windows that are to be replaced. Finally, make a list of preferences that you would like to consider when purchasing the replacement windows for the home including whether you want the windows to open and close, whether you want protection from UV rays in each room, if energy efficiency is a factor that you are interested in, and also how you want to use the windows (for example, are they to be opened and closed daily, will your rarely see the window due to drapes or other architectural features of the home, etc.)

Buying Replacement Windows on a Budget

Sometimes, as a homeowner, you find that you just need to replace a window or two in the home that has become broken or jammed over the years. In this case, you may not want to consider all the additional options that are available in windows these days—maybe budget is the only factor weighing heavily on your mind in this case. When replacing an old or broken window in the home with a window that is similar there a just a few factors to remember.

First, take a measurement of the existing window opening in the home. Measure the length and then the width of the window. Take not of how the window opens (sideways or up and down or not at all), and also take note of the locking mechanism that is used for the window (automatic lock or latch type). Finally, when buying replacement windows to fix broken windows of the home, consider whether the existing window was tinted or had double pane glass as you will want to replace with a similar feature so that the windows in the home coordinate.


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