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Tips On How To Earn Large Affiliate Commissions By Using Trance Copywriting

  • By Jules Hawk
  • Published 06/25/2008
  • Copywriting

You can create attentive and receptive readers by developing and using the right copywriting skills. Good copywriting can be the answer to phenomenal sales, and even a small adjustment in copy can have large impact on results. Do you have a website? Do you have an opt-in page? Are you getting traffic? Or are you agonizing over what to promote or what to write about on a blog or in a newsletter? Is the blank screen staring back at you expecting a response, but your eyes glaze over and your brain begins thinking of what is on Television. You get up for a snack, settle into another exciting episode of a favourite television program and forgot that you were going to write those killer emails or blog posts so you can make some money? Does the idea of trying to write world-class copy, copy that gets response, cause sweat to pour from your palms and drip from your brow? Do you put off what you know you should do, but just don’t get around to it because you’re unsure of how to get started or what to write about or how to write messages that generates responses? Then it happens, another day goes by without anything loaded into your autoresponder or posted to your website or blog that could have earned you a commission! Another lost opportunity! Does this sound familiar? Well, you’re not alone…it is estimated that 97% of those with online interests have a general grasp on how to setup a squeeze page and get decent traffic, but when it comes time to selecting and extracting benefits from a sales page and writing killer response pulling copy, they are less sure of themselves. Crafting your online messages in a way that draws the reader into the copy using techniques like trance inducing language will create a massive increase in your conversions and sales. If you’re like most people online you just want to see results. Including trance inducing language in your messages can get the attention of your reader and put them into a highly receptive state of mind. That’s all it does. But the results are spectacular! The most successful online marketers hire the best to write this kind of copy for them. Trance inducing language can create large sales figures. Your messages work harder for you when you include trance inducing language which triggers trance-like attentiveness. Instead of the one-thousand-and-one things that are going on around them every minute of every day, readers feel compelled to follow your message paths. Sometimes it’s almost magical the way these messages get people to respond. Of course, there’s nothing really magical, in the supernatural sense of the word… but the results can be magical!

People act on messages because they are drawn into the

words and thoughts Even if they do not accept them 100%, they do not want to give up a potential advantage by continuing to read your message. So here is a powerful formula for creating massive response. It could be considered to be a million dollar technique: Draw people into your message in a way that suspends their skepticism long enough to convince themselves that if they don’t follow you they will be missing out on some key advantage they could obtain from you either now or in the near future. You can induce deep attention or a trance-like state in your audience on command once you learn how. Help your reader get into a highly focused and attentive state while guiding them to take your predetermined most desired action. Making money online comes down to how good you are at crafting a message that will focus the attention of the reader, keep their attention and lead them to take an action, an action such as click through to a website and order the product, thus generating a commission. Each message has a specific job to do and should be created with the reader in mind, and to extract the maximum desired response from the reader. Their object is simple, get clicks through to the product site and predispose the reader to order now. A subject line should be crafted carefully to create curiosity, and to increase the open rates, and also to lead into the body of the messages. The first message should bring the reader in to an attentive and involved state by building the rapport and drawing them into the flow of the copy. The message should also be introducing the product and communicating the power of the benefits of the product and also suspending skepticism long enough and simultaneously making the reader immensely curious to bring them to click through to the site wanting to learn more. An attentive state can be induced by the use of question and answer formats. This can also enable the answering of objections before they arise. When questions are answered, the reader is moved closer to the purchase decision. Bullet points should be used to highlight the benefits and again move the reader towards the step of clicking through. But, of course, sending a single message gets some sales, but it is widely known that the majority of the real profits come from the follow ups. Trance copy should also be used in additional messages for promoted products. The copy in each message needs to be carefully crafted using trance copy techniques to engage and to create maximum desired response, leading them to act now. If you are not currently promoting a product, you can start your search at Clickbank, and choose a relevant product which is showing good results and good return.

Outsourcing high-level copywriting could be expensive, so it is wise to invest in and develop your copywriting skills. There can be big dollars in good copy and the lucrative results it can generate.



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