Tips on How to Save on International Car Rentals

When going overseas for business or pleasure, public transportation in these international destinations is among the things a tourist is going to need all throughout his/her trip. International public transportation systems are affordable, safe, and clean. However, for the more seasoned traveler, driving his/her own transportation is preferred.

Driving a rented vehicle is far better than relying on trains, taxicabs, and other public modes of transportation because of the flexibility of where you want to go and when you want on your own time. The flexibility to be able to travel and go places freely is something you cannot have with public transport. That being the case, going for rented cars is the best, and probably, the only option.

However, you will need to secure an international driver’s license if you plan on going for car rental services. You may have questions about insurance coverage driving rented cars outside of your country. Well, the best thing to do is to always verify with the car rental agency. Check if some of their policies do cover you while driving their cars. This may not be certain, though.

If you really want to have some sort of insurance upon knowing that you are not covered, you can request for special temporary coverage. This is available to a few select car rental agencies. Just ask around for details ahead of time. This way, you do not waste time spending on finding the right car rental agencies for a possible temporary insurance coverage arrangement.

After you are done with the insurance you would want to get from a car rental agency, you can now choose your car. As much as possible, choose the smallest car available. This is the best choice if you are rooting for inexpensive international means of transportation, apart from the public transportation available. This is because smaller cars use up lesser fuel. Although the cost of petrol and diesel is no stranger to you, it might be different on foreign land. It could be either cheaper or more expensive. Again, the best shot is to be always safe. Go for the smallest car available.

And as an extra, if you go for a small car, you save yourself from possible car switching. You might happen to drive on narrow streets. If you first selected a larger car, driving on narrow streets might be a problem, or worse, it might not be even be possible. And because you cannot drive much a larger car around narrow streets, you end up switching to a smaller car. Bottom-line is, you end up spending twice as much as you are supposed to just in car rental services.


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