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Tips On How To Write A Winning Tender

  • By Tom Jerrat
  • Published 03/21/2012
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Many businesses acquire highly lucrative contracts through bidding or responding to tender opportunities. Federal and State government agencies, local councils and major public and private companies regularly call for tenders for works, products and services that will assist them in carrying out new projects. However, tender writing can be a very complex and time-consuming task with applications subject to several stringent rounds of assessment. In this article, we provide some tips on how to write a tender response that will help you win the next big contract for your business. 1. Research widely for possible tender opportunities and identify the most appropriate one for your business. Review commercial, government and local council tenders. Also, read local and major newspapers as these will advertise tender opportunities available. Make sure that you only apply for tenders where you have previous experience with and capacity to deliver at the price you offer. 2. Assess the requirements and guidelines of the tender request. You must ensure that your business meets the criteria of the contract. Criteria may include general capability of the business, types of products and services to be supplied, having effective and correct policies in place and insurance. Your business must have the capacity to take on a tender and deliver on the contract in full. 3. Research your competitors. Often the contracts being tendered are highly lucrative, so expect a high level of competition. Find out who your potential competitors are to see who you are up against. Knowing who you will be competing against for the same contract will help you understand what pricing or budget will result in your application being competitive through the process.

4. Gather testimonials or recommendations. Tender assessors are looking for professional businesses with a proven track record of providing quality produc

ts and services on time and on budget. To show how well your business has performed in the past, contact some of your happy customers and get letters of support or recommendations. 5. Think like a tender assessor. What would you like to read if you were the one assessing the tender response? Include an organisational business plan to show that your business has the visions and goals of a professional organisation. Also prepare a comprehensive story selling the benefits of your business and how the products and services you are offering directly answers the requirements of the tender. 6. Write with passion, but be objective at all times throughout the tender application. Focus on answering what the tender process requires, not what you want to tell the assessors. Include factual information and evidence to support your response, including demographic data or other information from University studies, reports from Government agencies and product or service specific information. 7. Respond fully to all questions and criteria. It would help to breakdown each question into subsets and then respond comprehensively to each subset. Present your answers efficiently and succinctly and keep them on track. In this way, you are able to thoroughly address each question. You may also refer to supporting information and appendices where such is allowed to complement your response. 8. Ensure you comply with all formatting, word and page limit requirements as stated in the tender guidelines. Do not use acronyms and always write in the first person. Some final tips

As tender writing can often be a difficult and time-consuming task, it would be helpful for your business to employ the services of a professional tender writer. Professional tender writers can help you locate and identify relevant government and commercial tender opportunities for your organisation and prepare an outstanding tender proposal on your behalf. A tender writer can work with you to help you stand-out from your competitors and win the contract for your business.


This article was written by Tom Jerrat for Red Tape Busters. Red Tape Busters is a tender writer and grant writer service that specialises in writing grants and tenders for businesses in Australia. They have the experience and know-how in grant writing and tenders. Visit www.redtapebusters.com.au for more information.

by Tom Jerrat



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