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Tips on planning an economic christmas

  • By Steven Hilbert
  • Published 06/9/2011
  • Satire

As  Christmas is approaching, many people are considering about choosing a  perfect gift for everyone they love. But now we are living in a real  world, the budget for those gifts has to be taken into account. So there  is a list of fantastic gifts with excellent quality and reasonable  price which you can buy your families and friends. For  your parents, Quad Band Universal Mobile phone A8+ isn’t a bad choice.  With the easy-to-use touchscreen your parents no more have to strain  their eyes to press all the tiny buttons on the screen cause the gravity  sensor helps the user navigate their options without touching those  buttons. And Bluetooth allows for wireless communication which means  your parents needn’t to pick up the phone all the way when they have a  long telephone conversation. Besides, this phone supports all Java-based  applications customers want to run. Your parents may do some reading or  play small games on the phone. It costs 67.88 dollars. This cell phone  is sure to give your parents a big surprise as well as build up a deeper  and firmer relationship between your parents and you. After all, on  Christmas Day, remember to give your parents a call. 

No  matter f

or your girlfriend or boyfriend, this couple watch from HAOQIN  can be a lovely option which represents a token of love. This set of  couple watch has two colors: silver and gold. The watch features by its  stylish design. It may go with almost any piece of clothes in your  wardrobe. Besides, it possesses a guaranteed quality, powered by quality  quartz movement, made of stainless steel. His and Hers watch is special  as a Christmas gift for your lover, because it not only shows your  feelings for your lover, but also means that the true love between you  is timeless. It costs 69.8dollars for one piece. So what are you waiting  for? HAOQIN’s Couple Watch will make your date the most wonderful  moment ever.  If  you are still racking your brains in looking for a cool gift for your  best friend, then you should buy this mini digital photo keychain for  him or her. First of all, this type of keychain has 6 colors which means  it will be suitable for both girls and boys. It has a built-in 1.1 inch  screen. The keychain can store 190 pictures at most. So you can store  some photos which your friend and you took together before you give it  to him or her. It just costs 9.49dollars. Don’t hesitate! Share with  your best friend all beautiful memories between you two through this  cute keychain.


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