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Tips on Preparing for a Legal Job Interview

  • By Steven Hayes
  • Published 11/5/2012

Are you looking for suitable legal job opportunities? Have you registered with a recruitment agency? You need to prepare yourself well to be successful in the interview round.

You will certainly not want to lose a good job opportunity. That is why, preparation for the interview is important so that you can demonstrate your skills and experience in a way which distinguishes your from other candidates. The following tips will help you in this respect.

You must possess sound knowledge of the law firm from which you have received an interview call. Therefore, conduct extensive research on the firm to gain necessary details about it.

Gain knowledge about its practice areas, market position and the professionals holding higher positions in the business. Focus on the qualifications and skills the firm is expecting in a new lawyer. Visit the website of the firm and go through the press releases.

If you have prior experience in legal jobs, you should talk about it eloquently. Emphasise on the cases in which you came out victorious. If you are questioned regarding the cases you lost, do not feel nervous and diffident.

Let the interviewer know what process you could have followed to produce a different end result. He will acquire an idea of your observation and consideration regarding your cases.

Increase your base of knowledge in different case laws. If the law firm handles bankruptcy cases, the interviewer may ask you about significant cases in bankruptcy law. If it specialises in criminal offense cases, you may be asked about prominent cases in criminal law.

Are you a member of your state’s bar association? You must inform your interviewer about this. Similarly, if you are an active member of any other groups and organisations that focus on events related to law, make sure that your potential employer has the knowledge. This will project your dedication and sincerity towards your profession.

Put in your best efforts to deliver the key message during the interview. This means to tactfully turn on the topic on which you have the best knowledge.

There is stiff competition for law jobs. If you think from the perspective of your potential employer, what conclusion will you come to? Your prospective employer will address your weaknesses during the interview. You need to overcome such objections smartly in an interview.

Bad mouthing your previous employer is not a wise act. This act can produce a bad impression on your prospective employer. It can also happen that your previous employer is a good friend of your potential employer.

Dress properly for your interview. Choose to wear a formal dress in black, navy blue or brown colour.

Do not be late for your interview. You must reach at least, fifteen minutes before the scheduled time.

Sending a thank-you note is basic interview etiquette but many commit the mistake of overlooking it. Beware of making this mistake. The thank-you note reflects your eagerness to work for the firm.

You can take help from these guidelines to prepare beforehand for a legal job interview. Be confident and positive and hope for the best.

Author Bio: Steven Hayes is an experienced writer based on the south coast. He loves learning and writing about new subjects. With previous experience in the recruitment industry, the majority of his work is based in this area. He provides tips and suggestions about how to prepare for finding legal jobs.


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