Tips on Setting Up a Wireless Home Network


Authored by Kumara Velu in Computer Hardware 
Published on 02-10-2009

How do you normally share files with other folks at home? Most probably, you would use a floppy disk or a pen drive, or have the files backed up to a CD or DVD. Of course there’s the hassle of copying a file in your storage device and carrying it over to the person you want to pass it to. Well, a better way would be to share through a wireless network. Similarly, you can also share your Internet connection. Let’s look at how you can do it.

If you already have a broadband Internet connection, the other items you need are a wireless network card and a wireless router. Chances are your laptop has a built-in wireless adapter. If you’re buying a wireless router, try to buy it as a bundle with a network card. Not only will you get a cheaper deal, you’ll also get a proven-to-work package, usually if both these items are of the same brand. Don’t forget to check for 802.11g compatibility though.

Spend some time reading through the manuals that came with the products. There would be detailed instructions on how to go about setting them up. When you’re ready, power off your broadband modem or better still unplug it. Follow the instruction manual and connect the wireless router to the modem. Done with that, unplug the LAN cable from the modem and plug it into the router LAN or WLAN port (check your router manual).

Now you should power on your modem. Give it time to stabilize. Then power on your wireless router. If everything is connected properly, the Internet mode light should light up on your router.

It is now time to set up your wireless router. Detailed instructions will be provided in your manual as to how you should go about this. Most importantly, record down the passphrase or keys you set up. You will need this when you configure your computers to work with the wireless network.

It’s now time to set up your wireless network adapter card. Assuming you’ve already plugged it into your computer, and set it up with the CD that came along with it, you’re ready to configure your computer to be connected with the wireless network.

If it’s a laptop, then your wireless adapter may have already been installed during system setup. Otherwise, get out the System Utilities CD and proceed with the installation. If your wireless card is installed properly, you should see a wireless network icon towards the right of your bottom taskbar. Click on the icon and choose View Available Networks. Choose the name you gave when you set up your router. Click on Connect. If you’ve entered a passphrase in your router, you’ll need it now for your computer to establish connection with the router.


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