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Tips on Writing a Book: Breaking Writer's Block

  • By Joan Clout-Kruse
  • Published 04/19/2008
  • Non-Fiction

Do you get stuck? Does your writing slow down at times? Does a mental block affect you occasionally preventing you from continuing your writing? If so then it’s time to put lots of energy and enthusiasm in your life to get that writing passion going again. You are not a machine so it is natural that you would slow down at times. However you do want to finish your book in a timely manner because you know your book will be a great benefit your readers. Don’t get stuck. Practice these 10 tips for breaking writer’s block. 1. Skip around and write. Skip to another section in your book. You can skip all over your manuscript wherever you get an energy boost to write. Keep on writing until you’ve reached your quota of time for the day or continue writing until you finish the chapter. Writing a book is serious business and deserves the same type of commitment as the other aspects of your business life. 2. Believe you are getting paid. It’s amazing how motivated we get when we are getting paid for writing and have a deadline to meet. Give yourself an affirmation, “I am getting paid to write this terrific book that will be finished in four months.” 3. Set up and follow a schedule. Book a regular schedule in your appointment book and then stick to it, even when you don’t feel like it. In 30 days you will have developed a good writing habit and your creativity will just keep on flowing. 4. Get connected with other writers. Join a local writers’ group or start your own. Meet once a week or twice a month and share your thoughts and ideas. When you get stuck call one of them and share the experience. It could help you keep your writing zip going for the day. 5. Set up a writing regimen and follow it. “Write so regularly that it feels strange not to write,” advised author Jennifer Egan in the May 2007 issue of “The Writer.” Stay with your writing regimen and soon it will become a habit. Write consistently. Don’t wait until you have free time to write. A regular schedule makes it easier to write and it then becomes a good writing habit. 6. Get organized. Writing a book becomes difficult or slows down when there is no real plan. Organize your notes, set up a preliminary table of contents or outline, have your main points clear in your mind, and know where you can find a topic when you need it.

7. Go for a walk. If you

really are stuck, shut down the computer, put down your pen and pad, and go for a walk. Bring a small notepad and pen with you because during your walk new ideas will pop up and you must make a note of it right away so you don’t forget. You’ll come back with fresh new ideas and your creative mind will be operating at full force again. 8. Write some poetry. Find a nice quiet place and write some poetry. Just a few lines even if you’ve never done it before. No one else is going to read it unless you share it. You will feel great, maybe you’ll have a few laughs or cries, but one thing is for sure — your mind will be free and clear to get back to your writing. 9. Reinforce your belief system. Self-esteem is fleeting. It needs frequent strengthening, support and reinforcement. Whether it is tackling a challenge at work or writing a book we must believe in ourselves in order to achieve our goals. Many first time writers become full of doubt after writing a few chapters. They start out with passion and a great idea for a book then as writing time goes by doubt slips in and some stop writing. All the sudden they begin to doubt their writing. When creative ideas slow down writers must maintain their positive attitude and continue to believe in themselves. To maintain our self-esteem, we need to receive moral support from our positive-thinking friends and colleagues. We increase our self-confidence when we set a goal, make a plan, and stick to it. Stay with your writing plan and write every day. Imagine how many readers will be helped when they read your book. It is a great feeling. Savor those thoughts and begin writing — Your reader is waiting for you. 10. Maximize enthusiasm! We need excitement, hope, faith, enthusiasm and other energy boosters to keep on writing. We have to continually reenergize our bodies, minds and souls. Once we learn how to maintain that inner urge of self-motivation, anything is possible. Writing is a lonely profession yet we must stay enthusiastic to finish our book. Identify the things in your life that keep you motivated. Enthusiasm is the greatest energy booster to keep us writing. Find those enthusiastic friends in your life and let their zeal rub off on you. Laughter, giggles and smiles can give you the enthusiasm you need to keep on writing. These 10 tips on breaking writer’s block can help you while you are writing a book. Believing in yourself and enthusiasm are so important to your writing success. Remember to keep on going, find ways to get unstuck, and never give up.

Copyright 2008, Joan Clout-Kruse. All rights reserved.


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by Joan Clout-Kruse



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