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Tips to Conduct Background Check of an Employee

These days an employer needs to verify the background of a potential employee. It is crucial to do a background check before hiring an applicant. The breadth and scope of background information an employer needs depend on the nature of the business as well as the vacant position for which the company needs a new employee. What is common among all employers is that they need a broad criminal history report of an applicant. Some others also require credit history and driving records.

Let’s have a look at how to conduct employee screening before hiring someone.

1.       Before you start the process, you will have to ask for the potential employee’s consent. Without his or her approval, you cannot proceed. Obtaining authorization from the person is required by the law. You must obtain consent even if you are just checking public records. This is important to ensure that your organization complies with the law. The Fair Credit Reporting Act also requires the employer to seek consent from the candidate before conducting background search.

2.       You need the name, date of birth, address and Social Security Number of an applicant for identity verification. Other than identity verification you will also have to ensure that the applicant has authorization to be employed in United States.

3.       One of the easiest way to know about the potential employee is to search for his or her profile on the social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook or MySpace. You can check the public information provided on these sites and see whether the information you have received matches the information given on these sites. This will help you to understand whether the information provided in the resume is valid. Once you know that the information is valid, you will be able to judge whether the candidate is suitable for your business. You can also use a search engine to do background check online and see the profile of your prospective employee in other networking sites or online groups that the person belongs to.

4.       One of the most crucial things that you need to check is that whether the prospective employee has been convicted of a sex crime. Checking the National Sex Offender Registry database will help you to get this information. This service is available for free. You don’t need any third-party service provider to get this information.

5.       Conducting a background check is a lengthy and time consuming procedure. You may find it difficult to perform the task yourself. In that case you can hire a reputed employee screening service provider. Counting on them is easier than performing the tasks yourself. The companies charge around $15 for providing the basic information and around $100 for offering through report about a potential candidate.

6.       While conducting background check employment, you should also locate the driving record of the applicant, especially if driving is a part of the job position for which you are hiring the candidate.

7.       Checking credit history of a candidate should also be considered as a part of employee background check.

Following these tips will help you to perform background check of a potential candidate.

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