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Tips to Conduct Employee Background Check

The job market is getting tough and competitive day by day. It can be very difficult for you to judge whether an applicant is hiding the truth or lying to get the job. People may falsify their educational and employment history in order to get selected. Your hiring decision depends on the information provided by the candidate. You will not like to hire the wrong person. The best way to avoid making a wrong hiring decision is to conduct pre employment screening. This is a vital step that you should not miss while hiring a new employee. It will help you to select the right employee which is crucial to ensure the growth of your company.

Are you wondering how to perform employee background check? Going through this article will help you to understand how to conduct the screening.

How to perform employee screening?

1.       You should verify the SNN of the applicant. Applicants can falsify the Social Security Number for various reasons. The easiest way to verify the SNN of a potential employee is to contact a credit reporting bureau.

2.       After verifying the SNN, you will have to verify the photo identity of the applicant. It is absolutely easy. All you need to do is to check his or her driving license or passport.

3.       The next important step is to call references. Check the resume of the applicant. You will find references of seniors or ex-colleagues. Calling these references is the best way to confirm the employment history of the applicant.

4.       Checking education history is equally important while conducting employee background check. You should not only call the previous employer or colleagues, but should also call the school or college from which the employee has graduated.

5.       Before you call the school or the previous employer of the applicant, you will have to take his or her consent. You can conduct employee screening without the applicant’s approval. Otherwise you will break the law.

6.       Once you do employment and education verification, the next step will be to verify his or her public records. Records related to thinks like bankruptcy or credit record is publicly available. You can verify such information by getting in touch with the city clerk of courts. Your state may also allow you to inquire if the applicant has any past criminal record.

7.       Information that involves security verification is also important. You need to crosscheck the information provided by the applicant. Make sure you obtain the permission of the potential employee before verifying the information.

8.       Last but not the least. You will have to fill up the I-9 form. The employee needs to fill up the first section and the employer needs to fill up the second section. The employer may need to update the third section if required.

These are the steps that you should follow for conducting a pre employment screening. If you can conduct the screening yourself, you can hire an employee screening service provider.

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