Tips to Getting More Online Clients Even in a Bad Economy

1. Put the city that your are targeting in your website titles. Many services most be done at some local level, so if your clients are in your town or your neighboring town, use those names to attract your clients.

2. Use meta descriptions that are effective. Meta descriptions have a great impact on click-thru rates. Many of the search engines will use the meta tag to show visitors what the page if about.

3. Join the chamber of commerce. This is a great place to make contacts with other business owners. Let them know what you do and that you are will to send clients their direction if the other business owners will do the same for you. Chances are that you won’t be offering the same product or service that the other business owners are.

4. Get linked. Network with other webmasters that have similar but not competative interests. Exchange links with some content that will attract visitors. People love to buy product by word of mouth, so your networking partners will be helping each other out by putting out the word.

5. Create a buzz. Get people to talk about what your are offering. Offer something that will start discussions on the chat boards and other webpages.

6. Be proactive. Work towards attracting new clients and making sales everyday. Don’t just wait for the sales to come, they probably won’t.

7. Write keyword rich content to rank high on the search engines. Update your content regularly to rank well with the new search engine algorithms that will be soon implemented.

8. Attract non-SEO visitors. Search engines will give higher ratings to the websites that are not visited from a search result, but just typed into the address bar. Make sure that your web address or
domain name is prominent in all of your marketing that is not on the web.

9. Own Your domain. This will also bring you a better search result and attract more visitors. Free web pages to no instill confidence in potential customers.

10. Don’t use link farms. This will kill your chances to get a ranking at all. The search engines will punish you if you use hidden text, keyword stuffing or forum spamming.

11. Collaborate on projects. This will give you exposure when the credits are published as well as word of mouth recommendations.

12. Use customer testimonials. Ask your customers to write their comments about your product or service and post it on your webpage. Not all comments are equal so decide carefully which reviews you want to post. Some customers will write a better sounding review and that might be the one to post. If the comments are too short or don’t make sense, it isn’t something you want potential clients to read.

13. Highlight your products strengths and how they will solve the customers problem. People buy to solve their problems, not yours. Convince the potential buyer that you are a solution. Not only will you make more sales, but your reviews will sound better also.

14. Give to receive. Give a free item that is of some value to potential clients. If you give an information product about your product then you will establish yourself as an expert in your field and sales will increase.


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