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Tips To Improve Your Dissertation Writing Skills

  • By Daniel Millions
  • Published 09/25/2008
  • Writing

Dissertation writing is a cumbersome task that can be accomplished with determination and strategy including a schedule for regular writing sessions. Readers will stay interested throughout the text when you have a good thesis statement supporting the entire work. With time management and regular editing, you will have greater ease with the large task of final editing. Be determined and develop a regular schedule that you can live with and which will allow you to develop your dissertation on time. You can in short bursts every day, if that method works better than scheduling regular longer sessions. The best schedule includes both lengths of sessions. Daily writing will keep the topic lively for you. With frequent writing, your ideas will flow easily. Another benefit is that you will not have as many episodes of writer’s block when you write more often. If you do have writer’s block with an aspect, pretend that you are introducing your best friend to the subject. This exercise can help you capture the essence of a subject in an easy to explain fashion and jog you past the writer’s block. You can do a few more exercises to help you to expand on a outline topic. The first task is to sort the topic into smaller components. The second tip is to ask yourself questions and then develop the answers as a way of expanding a topic. Start writing wherever you feel comfortable as long as you begin the task. Although, brainstorming a topic as a way to create an outline is very useful, if you have not already developed a thesis statement, you may find it easier to develop your basic opinion on the subject by tackling an aspect that is the most interesting to you. The thesis statement of the dissertation will serve as the backbone of the paper. You will need a thesis statement that is not so restrictive that you will have difficulty finding enough resources to support that statement. For greater ease, choose a topic on which you will have many resources. If you choose an obscure subject, you will find it harder to get through any difficult periods of the writing task. Dissertation writing is at its best when you can expand on the subject by introducing many aspects of it. When you are writing your dissertation, you are not only displaying your familiarity with the subject, you are trying to hold the reader’s interest. You can educate your reader while letting them know the motivations behind your own interest in the subject. Your thesis statement and writing should be valuable to the reader. Droning on will make it difficult for the reader to feel motivated in finishing the tome in a highly appreciative way. Editing is a big job however you do it. As some writers do when they have developed their thesis statement, you may find greater ease later with final editing, if you edit and re-edit your work as you go along. Although sometimes, this is not the right method when brainstorming is the order of the day or week. For some subjects, a strong thesis statement may color the rest of the dissertation to a greater extent than other topics. Developing a topic sentence early in your writing will allow your writing to have greater precision with each draft. Despite editing during each draft process, you will find it necessary to have a few drafts when writing a dissertation.

Dissertation writing can be accomplished successfully with patience and right subject choice. Millions of students accomplish dissertations every year. With determination, any student can do it.



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