Tips to Improve Your Online Dating Profile


Authored by Abigail Beal in Dating
Published on 11-15-2008

If you are single today, chances are you are looking at online dating. More and more people are turning to online dating as their preferred way to meet other singles just like them. Online dating is easy, convenient and you can meet singles that meet your specific criteria. But sometimes online dating can be challenging, as there are many online dating profiles online and you want to be sure yours stands out from the pack. The more your profile is noticed: the more chance that man or woman of your dreams will take the chance to send you a personal message or other flirting communication.

In online dating profiles it is best to include several photos of yourself. Some men and women feel a little shy when it comes to dating. If you are hesitant to post a photo of yourself, you are certainly not alone. But profiles that don’t have photos will be passed by many people that don’t have the opportunity to look you in the eyes. We all know that dating is a chemistry thing and part of having chemistry with someone is physical attraction. If you don’t post photos, add something to your profile saying you’ll send your photo when people respond to you.

Take the time to edit your online dating profile. Many people are a bit nervous and quickly put something up in hopes of meeting someone special. They don’t realize they have spelling or grammatical errors. Or perhaps there is even something that can be misinterpreted. Write your online dating profile ahead of time and try asking a friend or someone you trust to read it and tell you if it portrays you well. There may be things you should add – or you could have described certain personality traits and not others that people could find very appealing.

Originality counts when it comes to a great online dating profile. That doesn’t mean you have to be this unique, different total weirdo. Simply that you take the time to make your profile stand out in ways that are memorable. If you are a Frank Sinatra fan, your screenname could be BabyBlueEyes. Or if you speak a foreign language, you could add some phrases in that language that others who speak that language would understand. Anything you put in your profile is an opportunity to appeal to others that have your interests. Make your profile look different from the person who just says “I like Frank Sinatra” say something like “I saw his last concert in New York City.”

Try changing your profile occasionally. At most dating websites, every time you change your profile it is listed as “new” and this can get you some attention. If your online dating profile hasn’t gotten attention lately, try changing a few sentences or adding a new photo. This can help get you some new attention and may help you attract someone special.


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