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Tips to Settle a Motorcycle Accident Claim

Riding a motorcycle is definitely an exhilarating experience. People who drive motorcycle simply love the freedom to drive under the sky. But one can not ignore the risks associated with motorcycle driving. Even the best riders often get injured because the truck and car drivers often don’t notice them. At times their negligence also results in accidents. Motorcycle accidents can cause significant property damage and bodily injury. If such things have happened to you, it is advised that you file a motorcycle accident lawsuit. This will help you to get compensation for your loss. You should know how to make insurance claim for a motorcycle accident.

Let’s have a look at the guideline given below. This will help you to get an idea about how to make the claim.

1.     As soon as the accident takes place you should seek medical treatment. Follow what your doctor says. You will get compensation for your treatment and medical bills. It doesn’t matter whether you have medical insurance or not. The person responsible for the accident will pay you the compensation. But you should make the claim before your medical treatment is completed.


The next thing to do is to start maintaining a file of important documents. Every document related to your claim should be kept in this file. The first thing that the file should contain is your own note about the accident. You should also file the documents related to your property damage as well as medical treatment.

3.     Before you make the claim, you should give the insurance company notice about your claim and you should try to obtain information about who is going to be your adjuster. However, you should not disclose any detail about your accident or your claim.

4.     Determine how much property has been damaged. You can get your property repaired. Make sure to keep the bill with you because you will get compensation for your property damage that also includes out-of-pocket expenses as well as loss of earnings.

5.     Make a written statement to be submitted in the insurance company. However, make sure to count on an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in your area before you write or submit the document. Make sure to hire a local attorney who is completely aware of the state law and how it can affect your case. For example if you live in Florida, you should hire a Florida Motorcycle Accident Attorney.

Following these tips can assist you to settle a motorcycle accident claim.

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