Tis the Season To Be Jolly or For a Great Film Best Christmas Movies

When it’s the season to be jolly who doesn’t like a good movie that captures the spirit of Christmas? Whether it is a heart felt drama or a memorable comedy there are plenty of classics and new releases to get you in the spirit next holiday season. With all the great films available on DVD or aired on television during the holidays it was hard to find ten that stood out, but those that did will get their due here.

Michael Caine had been known to be a great actor on the screen and in the theater, but it was teaming up with Kermit and the gang that may have produced one of his more memorable roles in the 19992 Christmas caper The Muppet Christmas Carol.

Not quite Muppets, but tiny little imps in their own way, Gremlins conquered the box office in the 1984 movie Gremlins and made for a most unique Christmas film which spawned a sequel.

As long as we are on the topic of hideous creature we might as well touch on Billy Bob Thornton’s portrayal of a vulgar Santa in 2003’s Bad Santa.

Chevy Chase owned the comedy genre in the 80’s, so it is only fair that he and the rest of the Griswold’s gave us a Christmas we will never forget in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

As the Griswold’s would take us on a great trip Tim Burton would give us a trip in a whole other fashion with The Nightmare Before Christmas in 1993. Jack and Sally’s twisted romance still touches many today.

Who would have ever of thought that Ron Burgundy could be transformed into an elf that would never grow up? Well, he did and Will Ferrell pulled it off in the hilarious Christmas comedy Elf released in 2003.

Speaking of growing up little Ralphie had a Christmas that he would never forget when he grows up. From shooting himself in the eye with a BB gun to having canines steal his Christmas dinner the hijinks were a plenty in the 1983 film A Christmas Story.

For those who love the classics there are a few that are very excellent. One of the more beloved classics is Miracle on 34th Street, a film that truly captured the spirit of Christmas and made all believe that there is truly a Santa Clause.

As with the loveable song with the same title, White Christmas the movie can put any Grinch in the mood for the holidays. The warmth of the soldiers finding love when they returned home is genuine.

The holidays can put people in different moods depending on their current situation so perhaps they’ll need a good comedy to cheer them up or maybe they will be looking for something that will just get them in the holiday spirit. Well, whether funny or serious there are many movies out there to choose from either from this list or chosen from what ever catches their eye.


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