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Titan Water Bottle by Jared Joyce


Titan Water Bottle by Jared Joyce

As I mentioned before, I am taking a short break with the “What’s on Their Desk” series until 2011, however I do have a new product from inventor Jared Joyce to share with  you that he has submitted over on Quirky.  For those of you who don’t know about Quirky, it is a place where people submit inventions, and based on user feedback and voting, they select one product that gets developed by the member community and eventually produced and put up for sale.  If that happens, then for all of your feedback and voting, you earn a small % of every unit sold, so you can even make a few bucks for your input.

The quick video above shows you the main features of the Titan water bottle, but to sum it up, it is BPA free, has a Carabiner clippable top, a wide easy flowing mouth to make it chuggable, and is one hand operational.  If you like what you see here, you can throw your weight around to see if you can help get this product selected as the winner for the week by following these easy steps:

1.  If you are not already registered on Quirky.com, just click that link and register for free.

2. If you are already registered, you can go directly to the Titan Water Bottle Submission by Jared Joyce to read a bit more, and also view some more photos and videos of the product.

3. Cast your vote if you like this idea, share your feedback, and keep an eye out to see if it ends up being the winning product selected for the week.  If it does win, you can continue to contribute ideas to further develop the product as time goes on.

I hope you enjoy these types of posts, I try to share the submissions that are office supply related, and I really like the Quirky model because it helps to go down the path of developing that elusive “perfect” product.

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