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Titanium Letter Opener The Tiletto Kickstarter Project


Titanium Letter Opener – The Tiletto

Not too long ago, Steve reached out to me about his Tiletto Titanium Letter opener that you can find on Kickstarter.  Even for an office supply blog, its hard to find too many cool letter openers besides ones that are just unique designs or styled after something popular.  The Tiletto is actually a highly functional letter opener that does more than just open letters, plus it just looks pretty damn cool.


Titanium Letter Opener – The Tiletto on an Envelope

The Tiletto titanium letter opener measures almost exactly 7 inches long, and at its widest point is one inch wide.  Starting at the top and working down the body of he Tiletto, you can see that there are 9/16 inch, 1/2 inch, 7/16 inch, 5/16 inch, and a 1/4 inch hex-bit drivers.


Titanium Letter Opener – The Tiletto Screwdriver Tip

At the very top of the Tiletto titanium letter opener, there is also a slightly angled flat head screwdriver tip….


Titanium Letter Opener – The Tiletto Rounded Point

And at the other end there is a rounded point that not only helps you to open letters and packages, but also can be used as a phillips head screwdriver and a staple remover.  In all of the pictures you will notice the beveled edge, or chamfer which is a new word for me…how often do you learn something from a letter opener? 🙂


Titanium Letter Opener – The Tiletto as a Hex Wrench

Here is a quick visual of the hex wrench center so you can see conceptually how it works.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything that actually required me to use the tool for real, so this will have to do.


Titanium Letter Opener – The Tiletto Opening a Bottle Seal

The Tiletto even came in handy when trying to remove one of those ridiculously annoying safety seals on a bottle of aspirin…well I mean ridiculously outside of the sense of it saving me from being poisoned.  After using the Tiletto for a bit I was impressed by how easily it sliced through envelopes, standard packing tape, and even the paper packing tape with nylon thread lined in it.  I even got to the point where I forgot the Tiletto was a letter opener because it seemed like any time I needed to open, pry, or otherwise manipulate something it was the first thing I grabbed for.  It’s almost like a Swiss Army Knife in its multi-purpose uses, but its cooler because it looks awesome and has no moving parts.  Its simplicity is what makes it so wonderful.


The Kickstarter Stretch Goal – Anodized Tilettos

The Tiletto has blown past its initial funding goal and is pretty much in reach of the stretch goal which is anodized versions of the letter opener.  Oh, I forgot to mention that it comes in metric and imperial (ie. millimeters vs. inches) version too.  You cant go wrong with this handy tool, so go check out the Tiletto on Kickstarter and consider funding it if you are in the need for a cool letter opener, staple remover, package opener, screw driver, and a bunch of other things all in one.

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