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Titanium Ultimate Clicky Pen by TuffWriter


Titanium Ultimate Clicky Pen Hand Brushed Finish

About a year ago we got a sample of, and reviewed the Ultimate Clicky Pen by Tuff-Writer, and due to popular demand, and its success, the folks at Tuff-Writer decided to make a new version -the TITANIUM Ultimate Clicky Pen.  Please note that this is a review of a pre-production prototype of the Titanium Ultimate Clicky pen sent to us by Jack from Tuff-Writer…so a big thanks to Jack for letting us test drive this new version of the Ultimate Clicky Pen.


Ultimate Clicky Pen Tube

Having a cool pen is one thing, but taking the extra step to put it in an equally unique and cool package just goes to show the pride and thought that go into building this pen.  I mean would you put your own blood, sweat, and tears into a pen and then just slap it into a cheap cardboard box and forget about it?  Probably not, right?  This package is actually a Le Tube Airtight Cigar Tube that is practically indestructible.  It is completely airtight and makes a pretty cool popping noise when the air pressure is relieved inside the tube.


Ultimate Clicky Pen Titanium – Powder-Coated Clip

OK, so back to the pen.  This pre-production prototype of the Titanium Ultimate Clicky Pen is the Hand Brushed finish, but it also comes in a pretty snazzy tumble finished, blasted/satin finish, and hand polished finish that can all be seen on the Kickstarter project page for this pen.  The clips on the Titanium Ultimate Clicky Pen are a cold stamped spring steel clip and textured powder-coated it for durability and corrosion resistance.


Titanium Ultimate Clicky Pen Plunger

The most unique feature of the Titanium Ultimate Clicky Pen is the plunger.  Ironically, this is called the ultimate “clicky” pen, yet the pen does not make any clicking noise at all when the plunger is deployed.  You can hear a slight metal on metal sound as you depress it, however it goes up and down incredibly smoothly and its actually a little bit of a surprise the first time that you use it due to the lack of any click or feel of the click jolting back at your thumb.


Titanium Ultimate Clicky Pen Tip

The tip of the Titanium Ultimate Clicky Pen is very comfortable to write with and I love the raised rubber washers that give a super comfortable, controlled, and cushiony grip.  The cone of the tip was redesigned from the original version and has been reprofiled and given a thicker wall.  The ultimate clicky pen takes a variety of refills which includes the popular Fisher Space Pen refill, Foray refills, Parker refills, Schmidt refills, and Franklin-Christoph refills.

As I said with the first review of the regular Ultimate Clicky Pen, this thing is so solidly constructed that its hard to believe.  I don’t want to find out, but I’m willing to bet that this thing could survive pretty much any natural disaster and its going to be the coolest pen in your office, classroom or desk when you get one without a doubt.  For what looks like a heavy and bulky pen (its actually 6″ and 2.1oz) its a very smooth and comfortable writer.  Initially I did feel as if it might be a little tiresome to write with, but then I realized that it really required no downward pressure to write with it while the Fisher Space pen refill was in there.

There is certainly some excitement and demand for the Titanium Ultimate Clicky Pen, and that can be seen in the fact that for the Kickstarter project its got nearly 4x the required funding with 11 days left to go on the project.

©2017, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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