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To be enviable —the new definition of luxury

  • By Ronben Newbern
  • Published 06/8/2011
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Whether it is vale for you to  buy a wallet with a whole month-salary or not, it is a question. The new definition of luxury is changing. Nowadays more and more people are not satisfied with the environment their living.Theyare finding.They are struggling. They are changing their sence of luxury.  The definition of luxury formerly is that living building keep comments dog. The Definition of luxury recently is that drive mercedes without drinkingred wine. The Definition of luxury formerly is that in payment of your wallet and take out your extraordinary. Someone say ‘whether it vale or not,depends on you.’Buy it as long as you like. The next is Global top brand purse: Mickey Mickey purse Create brand from Disney 1928 the Mickey Mouse Its wallet features is concise, this is also the other purse with Disney style differences.As a woman, The era of fancy design than ever I prefer is concise style. 

It’s valu

e lies in its inner historical value its contracted, its concise,reflecting the owner of the connotation of grade. At the top of the world famous purse, Its value can be seen.  Hugo Boss purse Founded in 1923, the famous brand men It is specially designed for the man purse,dark mass-tone presents a mature man’s inherent glamour. Whether a commodity is worthy or not,it’s not measured by its price but by the pleasure and honor it brings to you.This whole cortex wallet is specially designed for its low-key nobleness.Crocodile Lacoste purse, 1933,France. Next, we emphasize is high-key style.Once whoever see it knew this is luxurious pronoun.The whole alligator is present.It’s unique for the owners.It’s vale cann’t be replaced. Imagine that once you are changing with your crocodile Lacoste purse other girl squealing for its rarity. What the wallet costs are back. Above I think you can answer the first question.Whether it vale or not it depend on you.  nopicture-9789356


by Ronben Newbern


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