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To be the princesshaving a fancy wedding dress

  • By Kathy Kathy wl
  • Published 06/9/2011
  • Poetry

Your wedding is your moment. It is  your duty to be elegant and sparkling. It is always not easy to find a  wedding dress that is suitable with both your character and your  stature. I’m lucky that I have met the perfect wedding dressing.
The first time I saw it, I was attracted by its delicate embroidery  and its fine workmanship, and I could not stop wondering what is like  to be when I am wearing it. After I tried it on, my maid of honor and I  were all impressed by its soft texture that is made all by satin. They  said that I looked fancy on it with its A-line sculpt that can highlight  my lumbar line, and sweetheart, strapless design that especially  shows up my silky neck and milky skin. Its simple and delicate design  and low-key elegance is just for my easygoing character and pure  disposition. I couldn’t be more sure that I want it on my wedding day.  And I’m right. When the wedding march is on, I holding father’s arm,  walked though the red carpet, recieving the blessing from every guest.  Everything is seemed to be shining in my view, and so are the embroideries  on my dress. I felt that every silver line is burning and shining under  the lamplight. It is the first time that I come to know what is  sparkling, and I really have been there. However, when noticing he is  right there waiting for me, I figure out that what is most important is  his shocked and loving eyes. I couldn’t hear a word of what clergyman  said, I just looked at his eyes, reading his love spilled. I knew I  looked fantastic. At that moment, I realize that I’m the happiest bride  ever. Even now, I would unfold the photograph album, and recollect the  happiness and the satisfaction of that moment.


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