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To be the queen of fashion with right brands

  • By Ronben Newbern
  • Published 06/15/2011
  • Article Writing

I am a university student (or an ordinary staff of a small company), and I can not afford the huge sum of money for famous clothing and cosmetics, so I am always abandoned by the trend of times, and I will be an ugly duckling forever. Listen, this is the voice of our many ordinary girls. But now, if you are still thinking like this, then I can tell you, you really have been out of the times. Now, come on, I”;ll tell you how to be a beautiful and particular girl with right brands, and of course, I”;ll save your money at the most extent. The secret among these is the way to dress, including the vision of selecting and the ability to match with our personality. Here are some tips on how to be a fashion queen with right brands that may do you a little help. The key point is that we should establish the dress style of our own and keep an objective attitude on the fashion trends. Considering our purse, we do not need to owe every brand and keeping up with the fashion trend that is changing anytime, but a few basic equipments are essential. Firstly, we should select some suitable basic brands according to our own personality, such as the trousers of ONLY and the bag of LV. Please believe me, a brand will make a great difference, even our other thing is not famous ones. Whiling selecting, please remember that the individual character is the highest level of fashion. Of course this work demands certain spending, but you should know that it deserves. Another point is to select things suited with our age and identity. Since we are not millionaire and now we have decided to investment on the brands, we must guarantee our spending is worthy. Therefore, to spend money on the things matching well with our figure, skin color, occupation and personality. Please remember, instead of the most fashional or the most expensive, the fittest is the best. We should also get in mind that the basic clothing is the greatest treasure. There is certainly no end to the fashion, but certain basic styles will be popular forever, such as the white shirt or the plaid skirt. So preparing some basic things of big brands in our wardrobe is a practical and economic idea, especially for our middle class, isn”;t it? Maybe they would not out of date even for ten or more years. In addition, trinket is a significant element that should not be neglected. An ordinary dress may become different in the twinkling of an eye while matching with a special famous trinket, such as an earring of CHANELl. The hat, muffler and necklace, all these small things can make a big difference. Come on, my baby girls, a little action and you will be the queen of the fashion. Please believe me, and believe yourself. I look forward to the day that every ordinary girl finds the beauty of their own with right brands and appropriate spending.  nopicture-2851541


by Ronben Newbern



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