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To man, what does a watch mean?

  • By thomasck Ogle
  • Published 01/17/2011
  • Writing

A watch is very important to everyone especially to men. To men, it is really very special. Then in their mind, what does a watch mean and what is its position? First of all, wearing a wristwatch can help them know the right time at any occasions so that they can arrange the schedule for themselves. As we all know, time is life. They think it necessary to be punctual because that is one of the basic etiquette. What’s more, when they are at a big party or a cocktail party, it is not appropriate to take out the mobile phone to see the time. That will make them a low-grade person in others eyes. Being one of the men’s ornaments, it has become an important part to men, to some degree. And it can also reflect men’s social position, social status and wealth positions. Therefore, to men, wristwatches mean time, social position and so on. Then we come to the next aspect. A watch has added value and each one is different. Only those who really understand watches can realize their value. Sometimes men resonate with their wristwatches and they will have spiritual communication with them and that kind of communication is silent so we cannot measure it by money. When men are with them, they will interchange their happiness and sadness with the partner that is on their hand. Therefore, to men, wristwatches are good soul mates. From the aspect of managing finances, a wristwatch is one of the wealth management products. Like the artworks, it always has its own value and it won’t be zero as stocks. When men are making their effort to improve the level of family life, the value of watch is there all the way. Therefore, to men, wristwatches are wealth management products. All in all, watches have a very important position in men’s mind. Men are always regards them as their soul mates.

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by thomasck Ogle



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