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Today we went to look fresh with a beautiful korean wedding now!

Look cool with a little outspoken and proud, with a gentle lazy and sexy look. This has a pure angelic smile tall beauty, in the light shade of chiffon and silk streamer, the suddenly smile, suddenly gazing, in white gauze Qingwu moment, and instantly turned into a muse-like elegance and charm.Elegant style lace gown elegant lace in the simple style, the lace to be the most attractive details: the elegant high waist fishtail Cocktail Dresses described curve, carved in the satin lining lace cover on the light, as low-key portrayal of luxury; Classic V-opening chest wrapped Shangzhui to Wen Runzhen beads, pearls and pink champagne in the mosaic crystal necklace gear, Honey lips and dark eyes filled with khaki-colored rendering the Greek romance, to create goddess style.

Gradually dyed autum afternoon air, ease thr

obbing in the screen and the screen between the bride, coated bright red lips, wearing a cap on the gorgeous veil, as we affectionately retro bride’s elegant interpretation of Oriental beauty. Her like a princess through time and space, play the classic Rubik’s Cube. Korean momentum in a more violent person infected with the new generation, in addition to the pursuit of peace Korean Winter Wedding Dresses, Korean wedding has become a trend. Today we went to look fresh with a beautiful Korean wedding now!Chinese wife married to Korean men and feminine aesthetic of the wedding photos wedding photos Korean style as fresh and elegant style, people relaxed. Chinese wife married to Korean men and beautiful wedding photos feminine use of light and portray the characters and charm, especially stress, focusing on the essence of realization of the figures, gas, god, image refinement.



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