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Tombow Ippo Coiled Pencil Grip Aid Review


Tombow Ippo Coiled Pencil Grip Aid Package

Here is another great product that was sent to us by our friends over at Jetpens for this review.  These Tombow Ippo Coild Pencil Grip Aids are an accessory that can be used with your standard wood case pencils.


Tombow Ippo Coiled Pencil Grip Aid Package Back

I like posting the directions for some of the products we get from Jetpens from overseas.  Although I have no idea what it says, other than the one diagram that seems to imply that I should be holding my pencil at a sixty degree angle when using these.  With all of that said, these Tombow Ippo coiled soft rubber grips don’t really need instructions as they just wrap right onto your pencil with no hassle at all.


Tombow Ippo Coiled Pencil Grip Aid Colors

The package of Tombow Ippo Coiled pencil Grip Aids that I picked up came with two blue, one turquoise (or maybe light blue) and one yellow grip, however there is also a set that comes with two pink, the turquoise (or light blue) and the yellow grips.


Tombow Ippo Coiled Pencil Grip Aid in Use

Once you have the Tombow Ippo Coiled Pencil Grip Aid wrapped around your pencil, you are all set and ready to write in a much more comfortable way.  With the ability to slightly adjust the spacing between the coils you have the opportunity to make this a pretty customized solution for the way that you write, which is pretty unique when it comes to grips for a writing implement.  Once you have the grip situated to your particular writing style and you start writing, you will notice the difference immediately.  I was worried that the grip might slide or move around while I was writing, but that turned out to be a total non-issue.  Simply put the Tombow Ippo Coild Pencil Grip Aids smooths out the edges of your pencil and adds a rubbery and gummy bit of friction to make your wood case pencil writing experience significantly better.

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