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Tomoe River Paper for Fountain Pen Writing


Tomoe River Paper PaperforFountainPens Cover

The search for perfect paper for fountain pens to write on seems like a never ending quest sometimes.  The folks over at PaperforFountainPens.com seem to have put together a fantastic little journal that comes pretty close. Their Tomoe River  paper comes bound inside a very well constructed journal cover.  You can even get it in any color cover, as long as you wan’t blue or blue. 🙂


Tomoe River Paper PaperforFountainPens Construction

Here is a quick look at how the cover and corners are very nicely put together.  I’ve only had it for a short period of time, but you can already tell that the craftsmanship is great and it will hold up over time.


Tomoe River Paper PaperforFountainPens Branding

I love the fact that there is no real branding on the cover or highly visible areas of the notebook.  It is rather refreshing to see a pretty simple stamp with the company name stuck out of sight on the back inside cover of the PaperforFountainPens.com journal.


Tomoe River Paper PaperforFountainPens Writing Sample 1

We put quite a few different fountain pens and fountain pen inks to use on this paper so I’m hoping that I picked a good variety of inks and nibs for you to get an idea how your particular pens or inks will respond to the Tomoe River paper.  Kind of a spoiler alert though, whatever pen and ink you have WILL work great on this paper.  Everything from the bold Levenger True Writer nib to the Noodler’s Ahab Flex nib on the larger side did very well on the Tomoe River paper.  If you scale down to some finer nibs like my Fine Pilot Vanishing Point or EF Lamy Safari they also handle well.  I was afraid they might rip this very thin paper, but that definitely was not the case as they glided over the surface of the paper VERY smoothly and effortlessly.


Tomoe River Paper PaperforFountainPens Writing Sample 2

If you look at some of the inks we used, they performed mostly identical.  The majority of the inks took a bit of time to dry, so I definitely would not recommend the Tomoe River paper for a left handed fountain pen writer.  You can see above I kind of gave up on many of the try time testings because anything after 5 seconds is pretty much the same in my book.


Tomoe River Paper PaperforFountainPens Writing Sample 3

Here is one last page of writing samples so you can see a few more fountain pens and inks on this paper.  Note the last sample, I’m not sure what ink that is, but my best guess is Noodlers Lexington Gray.


Tomoe River Paper PaperforFountainPens Writing Sample Show Through

So once you see how amazing this paper handles just about every pen and ink, you might ask yourself whats wrong with it?  I mean there has to be something, right?  Well the truth is that this paper doesn’t feather or bleed one bit, it really does produce quite a bit of show-through on the other side of the sheet.  Now I know different people have different preferences and tolerances for show through, but for me this is way too much.  Personally I wouldn’t be able to use the other side of the sheets of paper so that would bother me a bit in terms of feeling wasteful.


PaperforFountainPens Letter

One last thing about PaperforFountainPens.com is the nice and charming letter that they slipped into the notebook that I ordered.  You really can’t beat a personalized and handwritten letter to make you feel appreciated as a customer.  At $29 these Tomoe River Paper journals are not cheap, but nothing of worthwhile quality ever is, and you definitely get what you pay for with these awesome fountain pen friendly journals.

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