Top 10 Most Alcoholic Drinks

As far as alcohol goes, not all drinks are created equal. Some have more alcohol period, and some drinks (specifically of the mixed variety) are just known for packing a bigger punch. Listed in no particular order are 10 of the most alcoholic drinks that a person is likely to come across.

Number one, and the obvious choice, is Everclear. This infamous drink is available in up to 190 proof, or 95% alcohol by volume. Everclear is usually mixed, because drinking it straight is a good way to wind up in either the emergency room, or the morgue.

After Everclear is a particular brand called Devil’s Spring Vodka. Normal vodka is maybe 75-80 proof, but Devil’s Spring weighs in at 160 proof (or 80% alcohol content). This is still fairly dangerous to drink, and should be diluted with water if someone intends on consuming it in any large portion.

Absinthe, made famous by such drinkers as Edgar Allen Poe, is also one of the highest proofs on the market, now that it can be sold in America again as of the year 2007. Green in color, and rumored to have hallucinatory effects on drinkers, absinthe is typically around 144 proof.

Also up there on the list of high grade alcohols is Bacardi 151. The name alone tells a person what the proof of this particularly strong rum is, and with an alcohol content that high, shots of Bacardi 151 can be set on fire before a person downs them. A dangerous stunt, but after a few swallows of this stuff it might start to sound like a pretty cool idea.

Sierra Silver Tequila, one of the highest proof tequilas on the market, weighs in at 150 proof. While tequila as an alcohol has a reputation for being rough and tumble, this tequila in particular shouldn’t be taken lightly.

As promised, there are mixed drinks in this particular top ten list. One of the mixed drinks with a big reputation for knocking drinkers flat after a few is the Long Island Ice Tea. Made with vodka, gin, coke, and a lemon, this is one of the favorites around Manhattan, and it’s fame has grown so that you can walk into any bar and the bartender will likely know just what you want.

Another potent combination, much like its name, is the Irish Car Bomb. Named after the terrorist tactics of the infamous IRA, it’s not surprising that this particular drink is mixed up with Bailey’s, Irish whiskey, and a few other choice ingredients. Much like its namesake, if you get back up afterwards, there was something wrong in the assembly process.

One drink that most people haven’t heard of is called the Zombie. Made with rum and brandy, this drink is named for the legends of the walking dead that arose in the Caribbean. Much like the legend, this drink (especially if mixed with the Bacardi 151 above) will turn someone into one of the glassy eyed undead.

Adios Motherf&*$%^… the name really just says it all. Made with vodka, tequila, and even some 7-Up, this mixed drink might end the night before it’s really begun for some people.

And last but not least, the Dead Bastard. Part of a larger course that’s meant to be served up 4 drinks at a time, the Dead Bastard contains ginger ale, lime juice, as well as gin and bourbon. The name should be pretty self explanatory as to how people who drink this down should be feeling.


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