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Top 10 Most Popular Office Supply Reviews for 2009


When I read the Top 10 Pen Reviews that @dowdyism over at The Pen Addict wrote, I thought it was such a great idea that…well…Ill be honest, I couldn’t help but steal it and do something similar here.  : ) Before you continue on here, make sure you check out his post and also make sure you sign up for his RSS feed and follow him on Twitter too because if you are missing what he is writing, you are missing a ton of good stuff.

Ok, now that I feel slightly less guilty about blatantly stealing his idea, lets take a look at the top 10 office supply reviews for 2009.  Keep in mind, these are not my selections, they are simply the reviews that readers of this humble blog about cool home office supplies happened to click on the most over the last 364 days.  There will however also be an “Editors Choice” post early in 2010 where I select what I think were the best in some of the different office supply categories, because by default there is  a significant advantage/disadvantage for today’s post for any items that were reviewed either very early, or very late in the year this year.  So without further delay, here they are starting with number 10……….

Oh, and one other thing since I’ve already admitted to stealing, I also lied…this will actually be a top 11 list because two of the items were so similar that I thought it would be better to add an 11th to the list.  Each item in the list will link back to the original post, and at the end there is also a “Buy” link so you can locate it quickly if you just cant resist the urge to restock your home office supply cabinet. 😉

11. Old School 4 Color Bic Multi- Pen – I feel like anyone old enough to read this blog has at least seen or used one of these, and most likely has some fond memories of it.  It isnt a pen I use every day, but I just like knowing its there in my pen drawer if I have the urge to use it. (Buy)

10. Rhodia Web Notebook w/ 90g Paper – Incredibly high quality notebook from Rhodia, with probably some of the best paper you will ever write on.  (Buy)

9. Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen – If you have never used a fountain pen before, and want an inexpensive way to try it out, this is a great place to start. (Buy)

8. Noodler’s Blue Black Ink – This is by far my favorite ink to write with, very professional looking, but not boring like straight blue or straight black. (Buy)

7. Uniball Kuru Toga – I dont even like writing with a pencil, but this is probably the best pencil ever, its totally changed my tunej regarding pencils (Buy)

6. Whitelines A4 Wired Squared –  The concept behind these notebooks is great, and the quality is also quite outstanding. (Buy)

5. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen – Another great inexpensive fountain pen, a step up from the Platinum Preppy. (Buy)

4. Pelikan Tradition M215 Fountain Pen – This was a fun review of a great pen, sadly I’ve managed to ruin the tie in the pictures since then. (Buy)

3. Retractable Sharpie Pen – Nothing seemed to get more attention than any time I posted a new review of a Sharpie pen, and when these new retractable versions came out, it was no exception. (Buy)

2. Stainless Steel Sharpie – This might have been one of the most anticipated items that I was lucky enough to write about this year.  The folks at Sharpie were really kind in letting me get my hands on this one before it was even released. (Buy)

1. Sharpie Pen – Like I said, there was one item that kind of showed up twice, and this was it.  There was a lot of interst in the Sharpie pens, so its no surprise to see them show up in the #1 and #3 spot. (Buy)

So there you have it, based on all the visits accumulated over the course of 2009 these were the most popular reviews.  Since most of these happen to be pens, and because of how items reviewed later in the year might not have had a chance to rack up enough page views to make the list, I will also be posting my “Editors Choice” picks of the top home office supplies from this year.

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