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Top 10 Posts of 2015

With 2015 officially behind us, I wanted to take a look at the most popular posts from the year to see what office supplies caught the most attention from our readers.  Here is a look at those top 10 items from the year starting with number 10:


10.  Zebra DelGuard Mechanical Pencil (Buy Via Amazon)

The Zebra DelGuard was a new offering from the folks at Zebra that was designed to resist lead breakage.  The vibrant translucent body allows you to see the complex inner working of the pencil that act as a shock absorber to lessen the pressure on the pencil lead as you write. (See the review)


Pendaflex Divide it Up Folder Package Example

9.  Pendaflex Divide it Up Folders (Buy Via Amazon)

I was kind of glad to see these Pendaflex Divide it Up folders show up in the top ten list since I usually expect this list to be exclusively pens and notebooks.  Folders tend not to get enough love around these parts so that should give you some idea how cool these are.    They are basically the three subject notebook of folders, so in one folder you have three individual pockets, pretty cool stuff.  (See the review)


8.  Apica Premium CD Notebook (Buy Via Amazon or Jetpens)

The Apica Premium CD Notebook is probably one of the best notebooks that we reviewed this year.  Between the quality of construction and the quality of the paper in there I was pretty much blown away. (See the review)

7.  Conceptum Notebook (Buy via Amazon)

With its dual ribbon page markers, 20 additional perforated pages, and smooth fountain pen friendly paper, this notebook is a great and better performing alternative to a regular old Moleskine notebook.  (See the review)


6.  Rhodia Ice Webnotebook (Buy via Amazon)

The Rhodia Webnotebook or “Webbie” is a standard bearer when it comes quality notebooks with fountain pen friendly pages, so the introduction of this “Ice” or silver version was much welcomed.  The cover has a look and feel similar to that of brushed stainless steel and is definitely a worthy addition to your writing arsenal. (See the review)

Pilot G2 Caramel Writing Sample

5.  Pilot G2 Caramel Ink Refills (Buy via Jetpens)

I’ve made it clear that I’m not a fan of the standard Pilot G2 because of its horribly inconsistent performance, but for some reason the Caramel color ink refill blew it away in terms of laying down consistent lines with no feathering or splotching.  If you like the G2 and don’t mind a little different color ink, check out the Caramel refills.  (See the review)


4.  Black Post-it Notes (Buy via Amazon)

The theme of this year seemed to be “Who knew this existed” and these black Post-it notes were no exception.  I stumbled across them by mistake and they are pretty darn cool especially when mixed with some gold, silver, or copper metallic pens.  (See the review)


3.  Pelikan Souveran M805 Stresemann Anthracite (Buy via Goldspot)

To say I love this pen would be a huge understatement.  Between the amazing performance that you get with this series of a Pelikan fountain pen plus the awesome and classy good looks, its no surprise it cracked the top three reviews for 2015. (See the review)


The Perfect Pen Uni Jetstream Prime Color Selection

2.  Uni Jetstream Prime 3 (DON’T buy via Amazon)

So as you can tell from the title above, I’m not exactly a fan of this pen. I guess sometimes popular reviews can be the result of a poor product.  While I typically love the Jetstream line, this Prime version totally missed the mark in looks, design, and performance.  (See the review)


1.  Uniball Signo 307 (Buy via Amazon)

I guess the popularity of any new offering from someone as big as Uniball is likely to get a lot of attention, especially when based off one of its more popular previous items.  The 307 does a great job in terms of performance, and also looks great while doing it. (See the review)

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