Top 10 Work At Home Jobs

Hardworking and creative individuals can benefit from both online and offline work at home job opportunities. If you search for work from home careers and businesses, you can find thousands of potential options. It is difficult to know where to start when sorting through self employment options. There are many legitimate work at home opportunities offering motivated people the ability to create a rewarding career and earn a good income from home. The top ten work at home jobs vary depending on the types of job discussed and the skills and talents of people considering the job. However, there are ten work at home opportunities that are consistently mentioned among the top choices.

1. Affiliate marketing is not as popular as it once was, but it still provides a good way to earn some extra income from home. Affiliates are people who promote products and services for another business. Individuals can promote these products and services by providing links to the website of the business for which they are and affiliate. Some affiliate programs make it possible for affiliates to operate their own website selling the products and services.

2. Skilled individuals can provide computer repair services for their own clients. They can set their own hours, build computers and perform extensive repairs from home. Some customers will require computer repairs at their home but overall this is still a good option for skilled computer technicians who want to be their own boss.

3. Freelance web design is among the top work at home choices for talented individuals. Creative web designers can earn a good living working for companies, organizations and individuals who are looking for affordable and innovative websites. There are always a large variety of web design jobs that can be found on the Internet.

4. Freelance writing is also among the top 10 work at home jobs. Skilled writers who can offer a fast turnaround can start a lucrative career writing articles, reviews, website copy and other forms of written materials. Web design and development forums offer an excellent way to search for freelance writing and design jobs. There are many websites connecting freelancers with clients (such as www.gofreelance.com and www.allfreelancework.com).

5. Virtual assistant jobs are among the most popular work at home opportunities. Individuals who have worked in secretarial and administrative positions can search for similar work at home. Virtual assistants should have excellent people skills, high speed Internet access, good bookkeeping and typing skills.

6. Medical transcription/billing/coding jobs are among the most popular work from home opportunities. Trained individuals can work for physicians, doctor’s offices, insurance companies and other healthcare clients.

7. Individuals and couples who are looking for a work at home job can consider selling items on ebay and other auction websites. They can sell items they no longer need and sell items they purchase at a low cost to resell for a profit. There are drop shipment programs that allow people to sell on Ebay and similar sites as well. Some savvy entrepreneurs earn income by listing and shipping items for others.

8. Blogging is another popular work at home job. There are some sites that pay talented writers to create blogs. Talented bloggers might also be paid to write blog posts and comments for a business or organizations. Individuals who maintain their own blog with high traffic can sell ad space on their blog to earn additional income.

9. Call center representatives can often work from home. There are companies that pay individuals to handle incoming calls for their company. Other businesses pay people to make marketing or business related calls on their behalf. Companies will pay an hourly rate and/or commissions for work completed. They usually supply workers with the equipment they need to operate from home.

10. Consulting services are among the top ten work from home opportunities. Professionals with excellent skills and knowledge can providing consulting services to businesses and organizations. Some popular areas of consulting include: marketing, small business and advertising. Consultants can receive excellent pay for their time and knowledge.


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