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Top 4 fashion items for men: watch, shoes, wallet and briefcase

  • By Aaron L. Mapp
  • Published 12/17/2010
  • Poetry

It seems that fashion designers have been caring much more about women compared with the attention they pay to men, which is decided by the nature women are born with. And maybe since the pretty early stage of human beings, women have had more choices in what they wear. But compared with the situation in the old days, men now have got far more choices and fashion lines designed for men are gaining much popularity.    To achieve a style, men can also turn to accessories from the big brands. But they never go cheap. Sometimes it’s hard to justify spending a lot of money on such a small item like a fashion accessory. Of course you maybe want the item, but this doesn’t justify overspending. In today’s economy being savvy with your money means a lot. You want to get the biggest bang for your buck and spend appropriately. With all this in mind it’s hard to prioritize your fashion spending. You can splurge on a few big ticket items but you need to budget accordingly for the other items. Also going for some high grade replicas also work. Today store marketing makes us want to spend on things we didn’t even consider buying before we entered the store. You have to remain focused when shopping and refrain from spending on random fashion items. Deciding what you want to splurge on can be a hard decision, but it needs to be made to keep your fashion budget on track. There are 4 fashion items which I think are truly necessary for men.    To begin with, I think it is perfectly ok if you want to splurge on a men’s watch. A watch is something very important to you in a personal sense. You need to be able to tell time and many watches boast other features you use daily. It is ok to spend a lot on a watch since this item can last for years with the proper care. Another reason a large chunk of your budget can go to this item is due to its high visibility. Your watch is something you need and it’s a great way to make a fashion statement. Purchasing a high-end watch will dress up even your basic apparel. If you can not afford an original branded watch, you can go for the replicas, which are almost as good as the authentic ones.   Then we come to shoes. A great pair of shoes always does an outfit good. When deciding to spend big on a pair of shoes make sure they are versatile. Spending an adequate amount of money on a pair of black dress shoes is reasonable. These shoes can go with a lot of suits and even jeans if you choose the right style. Depending on the amount of wear you shoes receive they can last well over a year.   Another item you should own is a perfect wallet. The wallet of a man is seen by women more than you may realize. Every time you pay for something you pull out your wallet. You are holding your wallet in your hand usually for several minutes during a checkout process. A perfect wallet can help you give a good impression on others. Some of your most valuable assets end up in your wallet such as credit cards, cash, and identity cards. You want to protect these items and organize them to your advantage.    And the last item I’d like to mension is the briefcase. We all want to be as professional as possible and a fashion conscious briefcase can help this. The majority of the workforce spends eight hours a day working so this accessory has the potential to be seen by tons of people. You always want to be organized during business travel and a briefcase is a great way to do that. Men’s leather briefcases come in a wide range of styles. It will be easy to find the perfect bag for yourself.   If you own all of these items, you are sure to become more mature, more professional and thus more charming, which will also help you perform well at work and keep confident towards life.



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