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Top 5 timepieces: items may not be obtained with money

  • By Ronben Newbern
  • Published 06/12/2011
  • Writing

The author eagerly suggest you to check out the best -automatic watches offered by trustworthy seller. Such sales can be reached at – Kim Jong-un, the crown prince of kim family in Korea, originally wanted to show his elegant demeanour of the “Gained the door” in the Big Parada, but little does one think, what became famous is the 80,000USD Patek Philippe watch on his wrist. It seems that watch is the best option to burn the useless money. What timepieces else are those aristocratic and elegant ones in the world? Follow is the top 10 watches which may not be gained with money. And which is your target? 1. Montblanc – Grand Tourbillion Heures Mysterieuses It is priced at $365,750. Montblanc, originally the senior pen brand, has begun to get involved in jewelry, watches industry in the recent years. This tourbillon platinum above is with the platinum case and 18-carat pink gold internally used. This piece is so priceless that the money on can buy quite wide houses in the wonderful district. 2. Concord – C1 Tourbillion Gravity This piece is sold at $320,000. The unique feature should be laid on the 18 carat white gold which used in the timing, time back hander, the water resistant in the depth of 84 hours and the 30m power reserve. Today, the clock in the hundred years of Union Hospital is also made by the Movado Group. 3. IWC- Grande Complication It is also at the prix price which values $318,000. It contains the classic design of IWC: phase of the moon and Perpetual calendar chronograph automatic movement. The surface and wrist strap of this version are both made of the platinum. 50 pieces one year, so one with plenty of money may not gain it. 4. Breitling –Grande Complication Pricing at $280,716, it firstly appeared at the 2010 Basel Watch Fair. Reference by the stylish and classic timepieces, there are nearly 700 parts and with the 18 carat gold. It is indeed the masterpiece that worthy observe and study. 5. Panerai – L’Astronomo Luminor Tourbillion 1950 Equation of Time It values at $235,000. The Italian luxury watch brand Panerai was acquired by Richemont in 1997. Its watches are always in the chic and vogue styles that most Hollywood stars are fond of them. In the 2010 Watch Fair in Geneva, they launched this kind of commemorative watches Galileo above. The dial can display the time of sunrise and sunset time of the city.  The limited 30 pieces released were all booked the same day.


by Ronben Newbern



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