Top Careers for Year 2010


Authored by Neal F. Litherland in Society
Published on 09-27-2009

With the dismal job outlook that many people have faced, as well as the hundreds of thousands of jobs that have already been lost or discarded, many people are trying to read a bit of the future. Trying to get ahead of the next downturn in jobs though isn’t as complicated as many people think. All you have to do is browse the net, read a newspaper, and look at the facts. The fields that will have consistent job growth and opportunity, or at least some of the best of these, are the health care and computer fields.

Health care is an obvious choice for many people. Nurses and doctors can never be outsourced, since they have to be present to provide care. With baby boomers getting older, and rumblings about government sponsored health care, there will be plenty of expansion in this field. Some of the best jobs will of course be those which are geared towards older, geriatric patients. Pharmacists, registered nurses, and doctors that specialize in conditions brought on by age will be in high demand in the near future.

The field of computers and computer technology has been rapidly expanding for years now. Unfortunately, this field is often harder to predict than medicine. Computers are constantly being upgraded and revamped, with new advances in miniaturizing components and upgrading capacities being made every day. As such, someone who expects to succeed in the field of computer technology should be likewise adaptable, able to understand the basic principles that all computers function on instead of simply memorizing commands and keystrokes.

Specific jobs in the computer technology industry are often changing. However, those who have the ability to program software and check computer code will always be in demand. Additionally, net workers who can maintain both a local network in a business or monitor an Internet server will also be in an increased demand as computers become necessary in more fields. Also, web page and graphic designers will likely see an increase in available projects and need for their services.

Both of these particular areas require a high degree of skill, and nearly as high a level of education. Four year degrees are mandatory for many of these jobs, and internships are also necessary for several others such as pharmacists and doctors. This means that unless you’re already training for these positions, chances are pretty good that you won’t be able to qualify for many of them by 2010. However, that doesn’t mean that if you begin training now that all of the opportunity will have dried up by the time you graduate… these job areas are likely going to continue to grow for some time. Unless that is people stop getting sick, or stop wanting to add the lightning fast tools that computer technology can offer to their private and business lives.

Another option available (more for computer professionals than medical ones) is to act as a freelance worker. Freelancers aren’t bound to one employer, and they may accept several contract assignments at once. For a flexible professional, this sort of position can be a good way to keep ahead in an unsure economy, as many employers will hire freelance employees rather than keep a professional on staff.


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