Top Designer Handbags for 2009

A well designed handbag adds a whole new dimension to your glam quotient. A designer handbag is an effective style statement and successfully grabs attention when you are out. But just like fashion fads, designer handbag trends too keep changing each year. The year 2009 has been no exception.

The top designer bags for 2009 focused on bigger and more functional bags that could carry almost anything you wanted. The top labels that ruled the roost in designer handbags were Louis Vuitton, Hermes Birkin and Coco Chanel. The Channel 2.55 was re-launched with great fanfare and was made available in shades of silver, black and white. This bag made its debut in 1955 and in its re-issue came in white, black and silver. This shoulder bag hit the shelves with the quilted designer look making it evergreen on the style meter.

Hermes Birkins stuck with its designer handbag which was styled with a classic chain. This bag has proved to be extremely good for stuffing all your belongings when on the move. Louis Vuitton brought on the spacious designer bag for 2009. Their Speedy 35 featured top most on the urban working woman’s list of accessories for the year. Along with being extremely handy for carrying a multitude of things, it is designed in classic colors. The Speedy 35 is a take-off on the Loius Vuitton Keepall. Shaped like the classic satchel, this bag comes with some really spacious interiors making it a working girl essential. All major brands also went a step further from the classic white and black color palettes to more blues and reds.

2009 went by with the trend of big yet fashionable bags. The designer bags of this year maintained its large size and experimented largely in design and style. Big sized tote bags and hobos were the in thing. They combined good looks and practicality, the basics needed in a good woman’s handbag these days. The multi-compartment design of these handbags made individualized space for make-up, accessories, gizmos like mobiles and pocket PCs and of course the millions of other essentials that tend to find its way into a woman’s bag.

The size of these bags also lent them to wonderful experiments with combination of colors used, textures as well as the materials incorporated. Many designers have also ventured away from the time-tested bag design formulas and created new ones that combine elements of stylishness, spaciousness and safety. A good example would be the tote bag. In its classic form the tote does not come with a clasp on top. Designers however have now included trendy looking clasps. Ever heard of a hobo bag that comes with a structured look, well now you can easily get one of those if you look in the right places.

Colors and designs too for top designer bags of 2009 took on the exotic. Animal prints came back with a bang. These were perfect for those who wanted to make a splash with their entry. You could take your pick from the popular giraffe, leopard and zebra prints. Elegance in animal prints was also an option with skin trims. The color palette for 2009 featured metallic and contrasting multi-colors. There was a lot of gold, silver and bronze. And contrasts included black-white, dark brown-black, khaki-black and other combinations. These were targeted at office suits for women. Bling was still on through the year with visible metallic zippers, massive metal rings and hoops, fancy handles in the fashionable range of designer bags that came out this year.

Handbags play an integral role in women’s fashion. And design houses will come out with newer trends based on functionality and design each year.


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