Top Designer Shoe Stores In New York City


Authored by Jayant Row in Shopping
Published on 04-16-2009


Go to the Lower East Side in Manhattan and saunter down to 78 Orchard Street, and you are at Mooshoes. They have brands like Matt & Natt, Novacas, Simple, Vegetarian Shoes and more. It is packed with shoes and bags, and the great part about them is that they are not made from leather and are strictly vegan. The staff will guide you through and also help you to buy real designer shoes that do not cost the earth.

John Fluevog Shoes

While you are in Manhattan go to 250 Mulberry Street in Nolita. John Fluevog Shoes has Malibran shoes, but a shoe bought in this store is a confirmed designer buy. The shoes are always of the latest designs and extremely comfortable. They will even help you out if you need to get your boots stretched out or replacement heels for the ones that have worn out. Their customer service is so good that you will make it a point to visit them again and again.


Soda fine is a shoe shop which is in Brooklyn on the south side in Williamsburg. It has the rather famous Brazilian footwear brand called Melissa which has designers Vivienne Westwood, Karim Rashid and Zaha Hadid associated with it. They will even accept returns online and send you a replacement.

Head Over Heels

While in Brooklyn go to 2462 Nostrand Avenue to visit Head over Heels for an excellent collection of well crafted Italian designer shoes. The prices are high but you will find most of the models on the ramps wearing shoes from Head over Heels. The shoe designs are sophisticated and more haute couture then the general shoes available in nearby shoe shops.

Aerosoles Shoe Stores

Designer shoe stores are not very common in Queens, but Aerosoles Shoe Stores can give you comfortable shoes that are as fashionable as Merrel or Clark brands of shoes. Besides being comfortable they are fashionable, and available in a wide variety of colors. Their shoes are for everyday wear and they include evening wear at very affordable prices as well.

Dsw Shoe Warehouse

Dsw Shoe Warehouse in Queens is literally what it says it is. It is an enormous basement full of every brand and variety of high end designer shoes, but available at highly discounted rates. Its size alone makes searching for your shoes quite a task as they seem to have endless rows of shoes to choose from. On top of that, they have regular clearance sales that can get you the most amazing buys at even larger discounts. Make sure you have enough time and energy when you go to this store, because you will find it not very easy to make up your mind once you start looking at the shoes on display. There always seems to be something more to see. You can find Pucci, Mark Jacobs, Jimmy Choo, Steve Madden and Rocket Dog among the brands available. You can also look for heels, comfort shoes, boots, slippers and even sneakers. They also carry a decent range of accessories like belts, handbags and wallets.


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