Top Five Most Sensible Celebrity Diets

Diet trends come and go and just like any other fad, they typically begin in Hollywood. With our fixation on celebrity lifestyles, it’s no wonder that we are interested in the diets that keep them in the spotlight. While there are many celebrity diets that just seem ridiculous there are just as many that are sensible. These sensible celebrity diets will have you looking “red carpet” fabulous in no time.

The 3 Hour Diet- This sensible celebrity diet allows you to eat throughout the day and is by no means a starvation diet. On the 3 hour diet, there are no foods that are off limit. The guidelines of the 3 hour diet pertain to one’s eating schedule. The theory is that by eating every 3 hours, the metabolism is engaged allowing it to burn more calories. Also, as opposed to starvation diets eating on such a frequent schedule prevents the body from using muscle for energy.

Jenny Craig- Another sensible celebrity diet is Jenny Craig. The Jenny Craig diet program works by controlling portions and encouraging healthy eating habits. In addition to the prepackaged food, Jenny Craig also offers support for its members. Celebrities that have been successful with the Jenny Craig diet program include Queen Latifah and Valerie Bertenelli.

The Lunch Box Diet- The lunch box diet is just what it sounds like. The theory is that if you carry a lunch box filled with fruits, vegetables, nuts, and proteins you will not be as likely to fall off the diet wagon. Snacking on healthier foods will keep the cupcake cravings at bay. In addition to eating “lunch box snacks” through the day, this sensible celebrity diet also suggests the consumption of a reasonable breakfast and dinner. The lunch box diet is easy to follow, and promotes healthier eating habits.

The Zone- The Zone is a sensible celebrity diet that focuses on more than just weight loss. The Zone diet in addition to being a weight loss strategy also focuses on anti-aging and disease prevention. Online information is available as well as branded products. (This can get somewhat costly) When practiced correctly, the Zone diet can produce substantial results but can be tricky to follow away from home.

Weight Watchers- This tried and true sensible celebrity diet has been practiced for more than 40 years. Based on a point system, Weight Watchers encourages individuals to make healthier food choices. Weight Watchers encourages lifestyle changes as opposed to a typical 3-4 week fad diet which can lead to yo-yo results. Other benefits of Weight Watchers, is the program’s flexibility and support system.

These top sensible celebrity diets encourage consistent and healthy weight loss. Eating appropriately and being active are the most important factors in any diet program. It is for these reasons that these were selected as sensible celebrity diets. They encourage healthy eating habits, and will not lead to yo-yo results similar to fad diets requiring shakes and cookies.


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