Top Hairstyles For Fine Hair

Those of us with fine hair are acutely aware of the problems it presents. Hair styles often look flat and lifeless, and hair washed in the morning can sometimes look oily by the evening. A windy day can cause knots that have to be cut out. So what is the best hairstyle for fine hair? First of all, a lot depends on how much hair you have. Fine hair and thin hair are different: fine hair refers to the small width of hair shafts, while thin hair refers to how many — or few — strands of hair exist.

Long, fine hair can be given more body by wearing it up in a variety of styles. It is also advantageous for those who like to change how their hair looks by using clips and other hair accessories. However, long, fine hair on its own can look lacklustre. The same can be said for mid-length cuts, as the length still weighs the hair down. If you do prefer long- or mid-length hair, a layered cut will help keep your hair from falling flat.

Short hair is a great option for fine hair. Hair stays more buoyant, doesn’t knot as easily, and requires less, if any, conditioner, which also weighs hair down and can make hair oily.

The classic bob provides a range of options to suit most people with fine hair. Face shape plays an important role here, with short, ear-length bobs suiting round faces while longer, even bobs suit heart-shaped faces. Although a fringe is common with bobs, it’s also possible to grow fringe hair out to one side, giving a slick, but not flat, look. Hair is less weighed down when cut to bob length or less, which means it will naturally look thicker than it is.

Cropped hairstyles look better on fewer of us, but if you can get away with it, very short hair can provide much more volume to fine hair because it doesn’t flatten as easily as a longer shaft.

An important aspect of any hair style is the products required to keep the style looking good. Stay away from styles that require waxes and heavy gels, as these will make your hair look oily and flat faster than a windy day or not washing your hair at all. Hair spray should only be used sparsely as it too will make fine hair look oily rather than shiney. Hair volumisers work well. Hair mousse is another great option, providing straight hair with a bit more direction and allowing long fringes to stay pushed to the side of your face where they would otherwise fall down in front of your eyes. Another advantage of hair mousse is that you can give your hair style a quick lift by wetting your hands and scrunching your hair with your fingers.

Perms and hair lighteners have been used in the past to give fine hair body and bounce and to dry out an oily scalp. These products actually damage the hair shaft and lead to hair breaking off. Darker hair often looks thicker, but if you don’t like your natural colour, hair colouring products are now available without such harsh chemicals. Check with your hair dresser first.


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