Top Internet Phone Service Providers


Authored by Kumara Velu in Communications
Published on 02-28-2009

If you’re seriously looking at VoIP for your communication needs, here are some service providers worth considering.


This service does not require you to have a special phone. You use your normal telephone, only that you connect it to Vonage instead of your local telephone company. An adaptor to connect to the Internet is provided when you sign up for the service providing an address in the US or Puerto Rico.

As you need a high speed Internet connection, Vonage provides an Internet connection speed test at its website. Your upload and download speeds are examined. If you come away with a green light, you’re ready to sign up for the service.

Residental plans start from as low as $17.99 per month up to $34.99 for the Vonage Pro Residential Plan.

There are two small business plans. The Small Business Premium Unlimited Plan which starts at $49.99, offers unlimited calls within the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. Also thrown in is a dedicated fax line at no extra cost. The Small Business Basic Plan starts at a monthly rate of $39.99 and offers 1500 minutes of free calls within US, Canada and Puerto Rico. If you exceed the free limit, calls will be charged at 3.9 cents per minute. The best part is you also get a dedicated fax line for no extra cost.


This service offers attractive packages for those on a tight budget. Take for instance the Chatter Box plan which starts at $21.95 a month. It offers unlimited calls within USA and to 22 other countries. There’s no need to change your current telephone number. If you aren’t satisfied with the service, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee.


This service is well-known for its residential VoIP plans. Firstly, there’s the Home Unlimited package offered at a monthly rate of $19.95. The total signup fee would amount to $35.87. The first month is offered free. The other plan is the Home Unlimited offered at a yearly fee of $199 and the total signup fee amounts to $212.53.


If you’re interested in a wireless VOIP solution, this is a service worth looking at. The service comes with a Wi-Fi telephone. It can be used anywhere there’s an open wireless access point.

Among the notable features are:

  • ability to handle 3-way conference calls, call waiting, call hold/ resume and speed dialing
  • over four hours of talk time and up to sixty hours of standby time

The telephone will only cost you $149.95 if you take up any of BroadVoice’s Internet telephone service. Anyway, a cheaper option is available if you use your own supported VoIP device.


This is a popular service owing to its attractive rates. For $199 a year, you get two telephone lines plus a year’s free service. You get unlimited calls within US and Canada. The plan also comes with other attractive features such as voicemail, caller ID, call waiting and call recording, among others.


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