Top Party Games For Your Bachelorette Party

On the eve of her wedding day, the bride-to-be is faced with enormous and varying emotions. Her life is about to become something unique and special, yet different and forever changed. She will be forced to share her life with another person and become part of a unit that needs to be both functional and cohesive. Is she nervous? Excited? Worried? Afraid? Happy? What will she do for her last night as a single person?

Upon encountering these emotions, the bride-to-be may feel entitled to engage in certain recreational activities with her girlfriends. These activities culminate into what is commonly referred to as a “bachelorette party”. In fact, it is customary for both the bride and groom to partake in parties with their respective friends the night before the wedding. At the bachelorette party, the bride and her friends will usually participate in numerous games which may include the following:

1. Pin the “Tail” on the Man: This is the adult version of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.” However, the “tail” in question will be in front, and the ladies will need to pin it to the correct spot on a blown up picture of a male model (or a picture of the groom.) This game is extremely popular and very inexpensive.

2. I Never: In this game, which is best played in a small group of women sitting in a circle, the first person starts by stating something that she has never done. For example, she might say, “I have never kissed two men on the same day.” The people who have also never done this do nothing. However, the people who have done this before must confess by sipping their drinks. The next person continues, and the rules stay the same throughout the game. The game usually becomes more risqué as people begin to open up about the things they have and have not done. This game can be played with or without alcohol. If it is played without, the confessors may throw in money to the center of the circle.

3. Suck for a Buck: This game is for those who wish to venture outside the party room. Friends of the bride will secure pieces of candy on to a t-shirt (with safety pins or tape), which they will give to the bride to wear. (The candy can be placed anywhere on the t-shirt, depending on how daring the bride is.) The bride then goes with her friends out to town, or to a bar. They ask the men that they encounter to give them a dollar in order to suck the candy that is attached to the shirt.

While many women choose to participate in such activities on the night before the wedding, many women also choose not to. The truth of the matter is that these activities would be looked down upon by society if they were done on any other night. They may be considered immoral, or disgusting. In fact, some people do believe that the bachelorette party games, even when done on the night before the wedding, are immoral or promiscuous. But, many people tend to make exceptions for the bride-to-be on this night. Perhaps the reason is that most people understand the pressure and tension that comes along with making a wedding and planning a life. Marriage is beautiful, but it is also hard. And getting married definitely marks a big change full wonderment and challenge.


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