Top Paying Jobs That Require TwoYear Degrees

An Associates Degree, or a two year degree, can be a less expensive alternative to other degrees. Many careers that require such a degree can earn a student lucrative employment after graduation. Some of the highest paying jobs requiring only a Associates degree include but aren’t limited to:

Registered Nurse – making fifty thousand dollars and up. It is the type of job that will always have work available somewhere as there area always plenty of sick people.

Physical Therapist Assistants much like Registered Nursing will always have jobs available, especially with the baby boomers getting older and soldiers coming home from Iraq with injuries. These positions can pay as high as $45,000 a year.

Electrical Engineer Techs can make upwards of $47,000 working in commercial or industrial plants. Machinery in such plants are in need of constant care, testing and supervision.

Sonogram Technicians use their two year degree to perform ultrasounds and other imaging needed by pregnant woman. This job can benefit not only the worker in their career, but also on a more personal level, working with the patients.

Computer Support Specialists have the world as their oyster. In the age of technology the world relies on computers. Computer Support Specialist can find work independently, or work as a help desk technician. An advanced degree would later be needed, but in this position, making $55-60 will help you build your bank account and pay for any further needed education.

Paralegals help prep reports, draft contracts and research cases in corporate offices and law firms. Paralegals can expect to make in the lower 40’s in regards to pay.

Radiological Technologist allows you to administer X-Rays, MRIs and CT Scans in either labs or hospitals. Earnings range in the high 40’s to lower 50 thousand range.

Court Reporters can make in the upper forty thousand range. What is wonderful about this position is the more certifications you get the more money you can earn. The equipment for court reporting can be costly, but will pay for itself in a matter of time. Additional certifications include but aren’t limited to TTY for the hearing impaired and medical transcribing.

Nuclear Technicians can make 60-65 thousand dollars a year. This position requires a strong background in math and chemistry, but only requires an Associates Degree. Workers in this position assist nuclear engineers and physicists, while ensuring safety and procedures are followed. They also conduct tests and use machinery relating to nuclear technology.

Commercial Pilots are required to read and write in English, and must be at least eighteen years of age. In addition to the Associates Degree, anyone interested in becoming a commercial pilot must complete hundred of hours of fly time. In addition to flying people or cargo, a pilot can also be a crop duster, or a sight seeing pilot. In this position a person can make in the mid fifties per year.

If time is of an essence or your budget is limited, an Associates Degree is a way to make a substantial paycheck. Also note: many programs are covered by financial aid.


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