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Top Pens from Amazon to Start the New Year

I like to take the occasional look at what the top selling roller ball pens are on Amazon, sometimes I’m disappointed, sometimes I’m happy, and sometimes I’m surprised.  Today hits two of those three emotions over this list, so lets take a quick but closer look.


For those of you who read the blog regularly, or just happen to have stumbled upon my Pilot G2 Reviews, you will know that I’m not exactly a fan.  The above writing sample from one of my Pilot G2 Reviews shows some of the issues with how awful they write in my opinion.  I probably shouldn’t even say “opinion” though, facts are that they write like garbage most of the time as is documented in that above writing sample.  Anyway, clearly disappointing to me to see that 5 of the top 12 pens sold by Amazon as of late are variants of Pilot G2s.


Obviously its incredibly inaccurate to have the Pilot Metropolitan (review here) show up on the list of top selling roller ball pens, but there it is.  Amazon and probably their third party sellers tend to be inaccurate lots of times with how they categorize products.  I remember seeing a camping ax listed under office supplies, so I guess this fountain pen in the roller ball category isn’t quite that bad, all things considered.

Overall I’m not impressed with the list this time around.  The Uniball 207 is probably the best pen on there in my opinion, but the over-representation of the G2 is just really disappointing to say the least.  Hopefully next time we check in (probably next month or sometime in March) the results will be quite different, but I’m not going to hold my breath.  If you are in the mood to be disappointed, check out the list of top selling Amazon pens for yourself, but resist any urge to purchase at least 5 out of 12 of them.

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