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Top Posts of 2014

Each year we put together our Annual top 10 list of popular posts to give you an idea what people found the most interesting for the year.  This list is based on the stats that we have from our Google Analytics account.  We will start at 10 and work up to the most popular, don’t ruin the surprise for yourself.  Each item on the list has a link to our review (just click on the product name) and a link to where you can buy the product, but be careful, some of these made our top list for bad reasons.  There are two different top 10 lists below:

First is our list is of the top 10 most popular posts since November 2008 when the blog was started.

Second list is the list of the top 10 most popular posts that were new posts in 2014.

First we have the Annual 2014 Top Ten List of most visited reviews that were posted since the beginning of the blog in November 2008:

10.  Doane Paper Idea Journal – Definitely one of my favorite journals in terms of the look, feel, quality, AND performance.  Thats pretty much the triple crown plus one! (Buy here)


The Doane Paper Ideal Journal

9.  Stainless Steel Sharpie – This was so popular when it was released and I was hoping to see Stainless Steel Sharpies with different color refills become available but these were released back in 2009, so not sure if I should continue to hold my breath on that. (Buy Here)


The classy and elegand looking Stainless Steel Sharpie being displayed by Woody.

8. Zebra Sharbo X – This is a pen that just looks super cool because of its carbon fiber body and it is also a very solid performer.  I actually had people contacting me wanting to buy this one several times when they couldn’t find new ones available elsewhere. (Buy Here)


The Zebra Sharbo X Carbon Fiber Body Multi Pen

7.  Jumbo Binder Clip – This has by far been one of the most popular items ever reviewed here.  Between the traffic to the review, plus the volume of emails I get asking where they can be bought is amazing.  They tend to go out of stock quickly, so if you are looking for one I’d recommend buying them now.  (Buy Here)


My new jumbo binder clip next to a so-called “large” binder clip.

6.  Sharpie Pen – Most people that try these love them, and I fall squarely into that group.  These were a runaway success for Sharpie when they launched them and they remain so today. (Buy Here)


New Smoother and More Comfortable Grip Section on the Sharpie Pen

5.  Uniball Kuru Toga – This pencil has been pretty much the only pencil I’ve used since the day I did this review back in 2009.  I’ve used multiple version of it I guess, but its really the only pencil you should be using for every day writing if you ask me.  (Buy Here)


The Uniball Kuru Toga with Auto Rotation for an Always Sharp Point

4.  Lamy Safari Fountain Pen – Probably the most ubiquitous beginner fountain pen out of many, and for good reason.  Its comfortable to write with, comes in a plethora of colors and nib sizes, and has a very unique look to it. (Buy Here)


3.  Staples Arc vs. Levenger Circa – Not an actual product review, but more of a comparison of these two popular and competing notebooks that are based on the disc binding standard. (Buy Staples Arc at Staples or Buy Levenger Circa at Levenger OR Amazon)


Staples Arc Compared to Levenger Circa Front

2.  Sharpie Liquid Pencil – Unfortunately one of the things that gets a lot of attention is when something is just really bad. Unfortunately one of our favorite brands, Sharpie laid an egg a while ago with their Liquid Pencil that just doesn’t live up to expectations or the high standard of quality expected from them.  Cant recommend buying this one, but here is a link if you are a glutton for punishment.  (Buy Here)


The Sharpie Liquid Pencil

1.  Pilot G2– Just like number two on the list, it seems that negative reviews get a lot of attention, and in both cases I think we documented things well in each of the reviews.  Its just always amazing to me to see the love that the G2 gets.  Again, buyer beware (Buy Here)


Here is the Pilot G2 Writing Sample in a Black n’ Red Notebook

Next we have the Annual 2014 Top Ten List of reviews that were new posts in 2014:

10.  Rhodia Meeting Book – This is a great quality notebook in terms of the construction and paper quality, but the real selling point is how nicely and cleanly the pages are laid out to help you capture the important notes from your meetings (Buy Here)


Rhodia Meeting Book Writing Sample

9.  I Make Notebooks – Here is an awesome customized product that is hand made and done on a small scale that makes a great promotional item for you or your business.  You can get your own favorite image printed on the cover of these nice artisanal style notebooks.  (Buy Here)


imakenotebooks Large Notebook Front and Back Cover

8.  Tactile Turn Mover and Shaker – There are no two ways about it, the folks at Tactile Turn make pens that are incredibly engineered.  Its amazing to think this much precision can be put into a pen with how tight the seams are, but they pull it off and do it amazingly well.  The second  you have this pen in your hand you know its different than anything else you have ever written with. (Buy Here)


Tactile Turn Mover Aluminum Pen

7.  Tomoe River Paper Journal – The Tomoe River Paper products were a huge hit with the fountain pen community, which is made up of folks that can be very picky about their paper in a good way.  While I absolutely loved how well this paper handles fountain pen in while you write, I REALLY wasn’t a big fan of the amount of show through on the backside of each page.  Definitely worth a look though if you don’t have an issue with that.  Oh, and the personally addressed and hand written thank you note with each order is definitely a really nice touch.  (Buy Here)


Tomoe River Paper PaperforFountainPens Binding

6. Levenger Circa Smart Planner –  I completely credit the folks at Levenger with getting me much more organized a few years ago when I started using their disc binding system.  Its nice to see their annual planner and its great layout make it on the list this year. (Buy Here or on Amazon)


Circa smartPlanner Master Agenda Cover

5.  Uniball Signo UM-151 – The Uniball Signo DX was rebranded as the UM-151 but at the end of the day that doesn’t change what an amazing pen this is.  With the variety of tip sizes and color combinations you really cant go wrong when it comes to micro tipped gel ink pens.  These have been an every day item in my rotation for a while now, you should consider them in yours. (Buy Here)


Uni-ball Signo UM-151 Color Chart

4. Staples Arc Neoprene Cover –  There are so many options for disc binding systems and covers out there, but this neoprene version from the Staples Arc line is definitely quite unique so its no surprise to see it make the list this year.  (Buy Here)


M by Staples Arc Customizable Notebook System Neoprene Zip Cover

3.  The Architect’s Wallet – By far one of our favorite items of the year, so it was nice to see that so many other folks are seeing information about it.  The combination wallet, pen  holder and notebook makes an amazing EDC item, plus it was made and designed here in the US. (Buy Here or Here)


Form Function Form Architect’s Wallet Fully Loaded

2.  Nock Co. High Tower Pen Case – Brad really knocked it out of the park with his Nock Co. line of pen cases and other accessories so its definitely no surprise to see this handy and great looking pen case get so much attention from the pen community of searchers.  (Buy Here)


The Nock Co Hightower Pen and Notebook Case Loaded with Pens and a Field Notes Notebook

1.  Hobonichi Planner – As a newbie to the Hobonichi Planner craze I was surprised at the inital popularity of this planner.  Once I had my hands on this one I could completely understand the draw.  heck it out for yourself though.  (Buy Here)


Hobonichi with Yellow Cover

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