Top Rated Diaper Brands


Authored by Ceetee Sheckels in Parenting 
Published on 12-06-2009

While disposable diapers were first available in the United States more than sixty years ago, it wasn’t until Pampers came on the scene in the mid-sixties that people started taking this concept seriously. More than four decades later, Pampers continues to be a top-rated brand of disposable diapers. Many consider Pampers, made by Proctor & Gamble, to be a name synonymous with disposable diapers.

In the mid-eighties, Huggies gained popularity. They were joined by another top-ranking disposable diaper, Luvs. When both Pampers and Luvs became available in styles made specifically for boys and for girls, parents noticed the benefits this provided for their babies. Huggies, Pampers, and Luvs continue to be the top-selling brands of disposable diapers in America.

In recent years, the use of non-disposable cloth diapers has risen. As people consider disposable diapers, which are not biodegradable, to be a threat to the environment, more and more parents are opting to use cloth diapers instead. While they consider the inconvenience of cloth diapers to be worth the benefits of protecting the environment, disposable diapers have healthy benefits which cloth diapers do not. The newer versions of Pampers, Huggies, and Luvs keep a baby’s skin much drier. The lining in disposable diapers pulls much of the wetness away from the baby’s skin and traps it within the diaper. In addition to making the baby more comfortable, this also goes a long way in preventing diaper rash. As the companies which make disposable diapers continue to improve their products, it is easier today to choose the specific kind of diaper to suit your baby’s needs.

Generic disposable diapers are also quite popular. While many people purchase them simply because they cost less than the brand names, the quality of generic disposable diapers is not necessarily as low as one might think. If you are considering an economical choice, you may be completely satisfied with the generic disposable diapers that you can find in your local grocery store. They may not have as many special features or designs, but they work. Your baby can be happy and comfortable, and you can save money. You may not even notice much difference between the generic disposable diapers and the more expensive brand names, with the exception of the price tag.

Disposable diapers have come a long way since CHUX diapers were made available in 1949. In addition to the basic diapers, there are pull-on varieties to assist a small child with potty-training. There are even disposable diapers specially made to use while swimming. While CHUX did not catch on very well with the American public, Pampers, Huggies, and Luvs certainly did. Whether you prefer one of the many varieties of disposable diapers currently available, or whether you opt for cloth, it is good to have so many from which to choose. You can select the kind of diaper that is best suited to your preferences and lifestyle. Taking care of an infant or small child has never been easier.


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