Top Rated GPS Systems


Authored by Phil Dotree in Gadgets
Published on 12-16-2009

A good GPS system can be incredibly helpful for finding your way around. A bad GPS system, on the other hand, will send you hundreds of miles out of your way when you’re trying to get somewhere. It’s therefore important to look for a GPS that’s accurate and well-reviewed. Here’s a look at some of the top rated GPS systems out there.

1. TomTom XL 340S – TomTom is one of the most recognizable names in the GPS industry. This offering has a 4.3 inch, brilliant full color screen and numerous fantastic options. For instance, TomTom’s IQ Routes provides an easy way to correctly determine the fastest route form point A to point B. It uses actual travel routes from TomTom users in its estimations. Photorealistic images make complex driving directions similar. It also provides a high level of customization as compared to other GPS devices, as users can change the names of routes and streets. This is a great first time GPS, and it’s very highly reviewed.

2. Garmin nüvi 1260T – Don’t let the umlaut fool you. This is a very easy to use, simple GPS with a range of good features. Garmin’s maps are among the most updated and accurate in the world. This particular unit is extremely thin, and won’t get in the way of drivers. It allows for traffic updates, and even gives walking directions when necessary. Garmin devices are great for GPS buyers that are looking for a flexible option. Whether you’ve got a car, motorcycle, bike, or something else, it’s a great way to get around town. It’s also a green technology, as options are available to calculate the most fuel conservative routes. Garmin products are also very consistently highly reviewed.

3. Magellan Maestro 4700 – I’ve always been very partial to Magellan GPS products, and the Maestro 4700 is their best automotive model. It features a great screen, hands free Bluetooth calling, and more. Exceptional navigation features like voice recognition and up-to-the-second maps make this an easy to use GPS. It’s less expensive than many of its similar competitors at about $250. Magellan also keeps maps updated free of charge, which is certainly a nice touch.

4. Magellan RoadMate iPhone App – If you’ve already got an iPhone, this app will turn the device into a great GPS. This is great for some navigators. After all, why buy a new device when your iPhone is capable of handling the job?

There are several similar options out there, but Magellan does it the best. Their points of interest are accurate, voice instructions are easy to understand, and once the iPhone’s mounted on your dash, it provides the same experience as a standalone GPS. It’s also only about $75, making it one of the best GPS deals out there. iTunes reviewers are raving about this app–get it before its price increases.

Remember, before buying any GPS device, look at its user reviews. These are often the best ways to avoid units with major problems, or those that are difficult to use.

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