Top Romantic Restaurants in Chicago


Authored by Haliyma Barrow in Dating, Illinois
Published on 03-07-2011

There are some romantic restaurants in Chicago that can help a man to really impress his date. Some ideas of the perfect setting for a date are a dimmed lit patio, a musician or an inspirational garden. A good restaurant will satisfy your taste buds as well as tug at your emotions.

Bistro Campagne

Bistro Campagne has kept its original form as a romantic eatery in Chicago. It is a simple, organic bistro that has always been a neighborhood favorite. Its décor offers comfortable romantic dining that is affordable for patrons.

Geja’s Café

Known as a romantic eating place in Chicago, Geja’s Café features fondue dining and live classical and flamenco guitar music. Fondue dining, which means the food is cooked right at the table, offers a very unique experience for diners. Geja’s offers a wide range of wines that can be selected by glass. The restaurant is open seven days a week and has been a favorite of Chicagoans for more than 45 years. It is the perfect spot for kindling romance, celebrating a special occasion or having a great dining experience with your family of friends.

Home Bistro Restaurant

The Home Bistro Restaurant is a charming storefront restaurant that is rated as one of the most romantic eateries in Chicago. With a background in French cooking, the proprietor embraces his Dutch heritage. The Dutch tradition carries through in having an unpretentious, cozy and comfortable café. This restaurant possesses the necessary qualities to be successful. The food has a familiar taste that brings with it the ‘nostalgia’ of grandma’s cooking. One more thing that makes this eatery successful is the fact that the portions are large and prices are low.

Signature Room at the 95th

The Signature Room at the 95th is located at the top of the John Hancock Center. This romantic restaurant in Chicago has breathtaking views. When you look down, you see the city beneath the twinkling sky. Couples will enjoy the ambiance and experience great dining. The menu contains contemporary American food with amazing main courses. The desserts are equally tasty and appealing.

The Village

The Village is an Italian dining experience that comprises of three Italian restaurants in one. The décor of this romantic spot in Chicago is set up for couples to have an evening that is surrounded by romance. The restaurant has many nooks that are cozy where you can enjoy your privacy, while sampling the traditional Italian cuisine. The best time to enjoy the restaurant is when the tourists have all left and the bustling area becomes quiet and relaxed. The bar offers a great place to chill out as you are waiting for your food to be prepared.

There are many romantic dining options in Chicago that offer great décor and fine dining. You can easily impress your date by taking her out to one of the many restaurants. They offer different international cuisines that stimulate your taste buds while being easy on your pocket.


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