Top Ten Celebrity Tattoos

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Tattooing is an ancient form of body modification that is still considered taboo, even though it has existed for thousands of years. Tattoos have been used to show signs of bravery, to memorialize deceased loved ones, to show status and rank, and to identify prisoners.

As with most taboo practices, celebrities like to jump on the bandwagon, and tattooing is no different. Some celebrity tattoos consist of typical inked images like butterflies, names, and tribal designs, however there are some celebrity tattoos that stand out in Hollywood for their uniqueness, influence, and even ridiculousness.

10.) Mike Tyson’s facial tattoo: Tyson, known for his boxing wins and violent streak, apparently wanted to prominently display his warrior nature. Really, what better canvas is there than your face? In many cases, face and head tattoos are taboo even within the tattoo world itself. Tyson’s tattoo is rumored to have been inspired by the Maori warriors of New Zealand.

9.) Carey Hart: Which tattoo exactly? Pick one. Hart’s body is essentially one giant piece of artwork. This FMX rider began getting tattooed around the age of eighteen, and has not stopped since. His love of tattooing has even spawned his own tattoo shops called Hart & Huntington, as well as an A&E television show called Inked.

8.) Tommy Lee’s “Mayhem”: This tattoo didn’t make the list for its beauty or originality. Lee’s “Mayhem” tattoo made the list simply because, for whatever reason, it is one of the most recognizable celebrity tattoos.

7.) Tupac Shakur’s “Thug Life”: This hip-hop icon was famous for his music, his life, his tragic death, and his tattoos. Tupac had many tattoos, but one of his most recognized and copied was his “Thug Life” tattoo. It was a testament to a lifestyle that he once led, and was also synonymous with the 1990’s era of gangsta rap.

6.) Eve’s paw prints: This rap diva’s paw print tattoos have become an icon of celebrity tattoos. Eve has a paw print tattooed on each of her breasts. Her paw print tattoos are some of the most duplicated, and are as synonymous with Eve as her unmistakable fashion sense.

5.) Pam Anderson’s barb wire: The Baywatch babe single-handedly brought the barb wire tattoo to the masses. Wait, is that such a good thing? Anderson even starred in an action film called Barb Wire.

4.) Johnny Depp’s “Wino Forever”: You have probably heard that getting a significant other’s name tattooed on your body will spell doom for your relationship, and Johnny Depp has a tattoo that perfectly illustrates this. Depp’s current tattoo reads ‘Wino Forever,” however, this is not the original art. The-gorgeous-one’s tattoo used to read “Winona Forever” in homage to his former flame Winona Ryder.

3.) Rihanna says “Shhh…”: When Rihanna wants you to stop talking all she has to do is hold up her index finger. Holding your finger to your lips is practically a universal symbol for “Shhh…” but Rihanna’s tattoo on her index finger leaves no room for implied meaning. The singer’s “Shhh…” tattoo was even recently copied by Lindsay Lohan and Lily Allen.

2.) Angelina Jolie’s tiger: Jolie’s tiger is not your typical tramp stamp. This back tattoo, done in Thailand by artist Sompong Kanhphai, was completed via the traditional Thai tattooing method of using a manual needle.

1.) Steve-O’s portrait: Many people get portrait tattoos of loved ones, and even pets, but Jackass star Steve-O immortalized himself in a piece of body art on himself. Steve-O’s portrait is complete with a goofy expression, two thumbs up, his signature, and the quote, “Yeah dude, I rock!”


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